KAMAT Celebrates its 50th Anniversary with a Big Party and Open Day

On 11 May, KAMAT celebrated its 50th anniversary with a big company party to which employees, their families and special guests were invited. The event offered a mix of culinary delights, refreshing drinks, entertaining music and impressive product demonstrations.

The festivities began with a ceremonial welcome from Managing Directors Dr Andreas Wahl and Jan Sprakel. They gave a brief history of the company and paid tribute to the achievements of the entire company over the past 50 years. The barbecue buffet and the afternoon were then officially opened.

The extensive barbecue buffet offered a variety of options from juicy steaks and sausages to grilled vegetables. A drinks trolley with a selection of beers and other cold drinks kept the party going throughout the day. But the real hit on this hot day was the home-made ice cream from a Dortmund ice cream maker.

Musical entertainment was provided by a live band playing a selection of popular hits and classic tunes. This added to the lively and cheerful atmosphere and encouraged guests to dance and sing along.

A special highlight of the event were the product demonstrations, supported by friends Conjet, Peinemann and Salotech. Guests were able to see the KAMJET and a container unit in action. These demonstrations showcased the advanced technology and innovation that KAMAT has developed over the last 50 years and underlined the company’s commitment to excellence and progress in high pressure technology. Special thanks go to Conjet, Peinemann and DERC Salotech for their valuable support.

The younger guests were also well catered for: the festival was organised in a family-friendly way to ensure that even the youngest visitors had a great afternoon. A children’s entertainment programme, including a bouncy castle, face painting and, most importantly, water pistols, kept the younger guests entertained.
The visitors also had the opportunity to visit the two KAMAT factories. Plant I and Plant II were delighted with the interest shown by the many visitors, both young and old. Overall, the company party was very well attended, with up to 400 people visiting the factory premises during the afternoon. The party went on well into the night.

KAMAT’s 50th anniversary celebration was a memorable event that celebrated the company’s successes and rich history. It was a day full of laughter and joy, strengthening the sense of community within the KAMAT family and creating a positive atmosphere for the future.

Special thanks go to the employees who organised this unforgettable afternoon and to those who agreed to share their expertise with the guests. Their dedication and commitment contributed greatly to the success of the celebrations.

A brief history of KAMAT

KAMAT was founded in 1974 by Karl Sprakel in Essen, Germany, as a subsidiary of an American pump manufacturer specialising in the production of high-pressure pumps. In 1979, Karl Sprakel acquired the shares of the company privately. Over the years, the company grew steadily and established itself as a leading global supplier of high pressure technology. Through constant innovation and the development of customised solutions, KAMAT has always focused on the needs of its customers.

In the 1980s, KAMAT introduced the modular system, which allowed flexible and cost-effective adaptation of pumps to specific customer requirements. This innovation was a milestone in the company’s history and contributed significantly to its international expansion.

Today, KAMAT stands for outstanding quality “Made in Germany” with products that impress with their reliability, durability and technical excellence. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, KAMAT will continue to focus on innovative solutions and technological progress in the future.
The company’s 50th anniversary was not only a celebration of past successes, but also a look into a promising future. KAMAT remains true to its vision of setting new standards in high pressure technology through technical excellence and customer focused solutions.

For more information on KAMAT’s history, please visit our website: KAMAT Company History