Thank you for visiting our booth at ACHEMA! At KAMAT, we are committed to developing innovative high-pressure solutions that set industry standards. Our “Made in Germany” products guarantee the highest quality and reliability. For more information about our high pressure solutions, please visit our website.

Discover the World of KAMAT High Pressure Technology

Discover the fascinating world of KAMAT’s high pressure technology. Our robust high pressure plunger pumps are characterized by the highest quality, durability and efficiency. They are used in a wide range of industries, including process engineering and many others. Here are some of their outstanding features:

  • Modular design: Our pumps are designed for easy maintenance and upgrades.
  • High operating pressures: Our pumps can reach impressive pressures of up to 4,000 bar.
  • High flow rates: With a flow rate of up to 10,000 l/min per pump, we meet the highest demands.

At KAMAT, we pride ourselves on offering world-class, customized solutions based on our extensive expertise in high pressure technology. Our products and our company stand for reliability, efficiency and German engineering.

Discover the power of our high pressure technology today and let us help you solve your industrial challenges. We look forward to hearing from you!


Customized process pumping units for your process needs

In process engineering, custom pump units are used to meet specific requirements. These high-pressure units can be designed for both mobile and stationary applications. We offer individual solutions that guarantee the highest efficiency and reliability. Our pumping units are equipped with intelligent control and monitoring systems to optimally meet the requirements of our customers.



Founded in 1974, KAMAT has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps and systems. As a family-owned company based in Witten, Germany, we have been developing and producing customized high-pressure solutions for over five decades. KAMAT products, known for their high quality and durability, are used worldwide in various industries. As a medium-sized company, our goal is to meet the demanding requirements of our international customers through innovative technologies and customized configurations.

We are happy to advise you individually and competently. With KAMAT, you get everything from a single source: high-pressure pumps, high-pressure systems and high-pressure water tools. We are your expert for high-pressure technology from Germany.

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KAMAT Brochure High-Pressure Solutions Brochure PDF Icon 3.2 MB
KAMAT Brochure Mining Brochure PDF Icon 815.4 KB
KAMAT Brochure Metal Brochure PDF Icon 953.7 KB
Pressure Testing of Pressure Vessels and Pipelines Brochure PDF Icon 5.7 MB
Carbon Capture and Storage Brochure PDF Icon 979.0 KB
KAMAT Process Technology Flyer PDF Icon 524.2 KB
KAMAT Portfolio Plunger Pumps
KAMAT Portfolio High-Pressure Plunger Pumps KAMAT High-Pressure Pumps 23 PDF Icon 3.2 MB
Performance List
Performance List Plunger Pumps KAMAT Performance List PDF Icon 453.8 KB
High-Pressure Pumps
Triplex Plunger Pump K100-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 301.2 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K4500-3 Technical Data PDF Icon 470.9 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K8000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 451.4 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K9000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 472.8 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K11000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 280.3 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K25000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 254.5 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K18000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 272.1 KB
Triplex Plunger Pump K45000-3G Technical Data PDF Icon 292.2 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K55000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 281.9 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K100000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 302.1 KB
Quintuplex Plunger Pump K150000-5G Technical Data PDF Icon 479.8 KB
KSP600 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 169.5 KB
KSP1500 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 276.9 KB
KSP3000 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 362.9 KB
DumpGun1500/3000 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 293.8 KB
RotoLance Technical Data PDF Icon 311.4 KB
Nozzle Heads for Rotating Tools Technical Data PDF Icon 159.7 KB
Foot Valves and Electric Foot Switch Technical Data PDF Icon 205.2 KB
High-Pressure Nozzles
PRD3500 LV Technical Data PDF Icon 198.7 KB
PRD3500 LV Nozzle Heads Type Overview PDF Icon 100.8 KB
Nozzle Head DK1 - DK4 Selection Tables Selection Table DK1 PDF Icon 337.7 KB
Selection Table DK2 PDF Icon 340.1 KB
Selection Table DK3 PDF Icon 896.0 KB
Selection Table DK4 PDF Icon 941.1 KB
PRD3500 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 306.3 KB
PRD3500 Air Nozzle Heads Technical Data PDF Icon 159.7 KB
KOD Orbital Nozzle Technical Data PDF Icon 167.0 KB
Type Overview PDF Icon 109.0 KB
Part No. PDF Icon 158.5 KB
Spare Parts PDF Icon 158.3 KB
High-Pressure Valves
Unloader Valves mechanic/electric Technical Data PDF Icon 193.3 KB
Safety Valves Technical Data PDF Icon 513.0 KB
Pressure Regulators mechanic/pneumatic Technical Data PDF Icon 243.2 KB
Control Valves pneumatic/electric Technical Data PDF Icon 218.0 KB
Dump Valves Technical Data PDF Icon 234.1 KB
High-Pressure Filter
High Pressure Filter 1500/2000 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 175.0 KB
Rotating Joints/Drive Unit pneumatic
Rotating Joint 5/3500; Drive Unit pneumatic Technical Data PDF Icon 171.1 KB
Rotating Joint 20/1500 Technical Data PDF Icon 143.6 KB
Rotary Transmission FR 3000 Technical Data PDF Icon 365.6 KB
Ultra-High Pressure Swivel Joint for gun operation Technical Data PDF Icon 197.2 KB
Jetting Tools
Surface Cleaner 3000 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 254.3 KB
Surface Cleaner 1000 / 1500 hydraulically driven Technical Data PDF Icon 143.4 KB
Rotary Transmission FR 3000 Technical Data PDF Icon 365.6 KB
Wall Cleaner 3000 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 204.2 KB
Magnet Crawler Gekko 350 Technical Data PDF Icon 289.6 KB
Pipe Cleaning Machine Tornado Technical Data PDF Icon 315.1 KB
Nozzles Tornado Technical Data PDF Icon 216.4 KB
Tank Cleaning Nozzle TWK200/1500 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 195.9 KB
Well Cleaning Nozzle self-rotating Technical Data PDF Icon 236.8 KB
Hose Reel electric-driven Technical Data PDF Icon 173.3 KB
Misc. Nozzles and Nozzle Inserts
Straight jet insert nozzles Form A + B Technical Data PDF Icon 170.3 KB
Flat jet insert nozzles Form C Technical Data PDF Icon 161.9 KB
Round jet insert nozzles Type 0952 Technical Data PDF Icon 157.3 KB
Straight jet threaded nozzles Type 0987 + 0964 Technical Data PDF Icon 156.9 KB
Straight jet threaded nozzle type 0982 Technical Data PDF Icon 171.1 KB
Threaded Nozzle Inserts M3 - M6 Technical Data PDF Icon 278.7 KB
Threaded Nozzles, Form S Technical Data PDF Icon 170.5 KB
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle 1000 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 294.7 KB
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle 1000 bar (40mm) Technical Data PDF Icon 195.4 KB
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle Aqua Twister 1500 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 305.5 KB
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle rotating 1000 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 298.6 KB
Twin Rotary Nozzle DRD 1000 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 264.1 KB
Quattro Nozze and Cross Jet Nozze Technical Data PDF Icon 275.7 KB
Pusher and Lance Tube 1000 bar Technical Data PDF Icon 207.3 KB
Suction Stabilizer Technical Data PDF Icon 172.5 KB
High Pressure Hose ID 10 - ID 25 Technical Data PDF Icon 256.5 KB
High Pressure Hose Lines Technical Data PDF Icon 161.8 KB
Pipe Cleaning Hoses Technical Data PDF Icon 185.5 KB
Suction Device KAMVAC Technical Data PDF Icon 51.6 KB
Protective Clothing Type Overview PDF Icon 165.1 KB
High-Pressure Applications - Application Reports
Roughening a concrete silo wall in a glass factory Application Report PDF Icon 2.8 MB
Removal of Coatings and Old Paint Layers from Building Application Report PDF Icon 155.1 KB
Automatic Cleaning in Tunnels Application Report PDF Icon 231.3 KB
Automatic Ship Hull Cleaning at 2500 bar with Suction Device and Filtration Application Report PDF Icon 413.3 KB
Semi-automatic Concrete Removal Application Report PDF Icon 214.4 KB
Concrete Renovation - Manual Application Report PDF Icon 232.5 KB
Removal of an Anti-Slip Coating from the Runway of an Aircraft Carrier Application Report PDF Icon 159.5 KB
Removal of Sinter Rings in Rotary Furnaces Application Report PDF Icon 56.6 KB
Deburring and Washing Application Report PDF Icon 322.9 KB
Removal of Moulding Sand from Castings Application Report PDF Icon 138.7 KB
Removal of Paint and Rust from Ships up to 2500 bar Application Report PDF Icon 178.9 KB
Removing Rust and Paint with Water / Sandblasting Application Report PDF Icon 58.0 KB
Decoating a Collection Basin Under Storage Tanks Application Report PDF Icon 1.4 MB
Removal of Coatings and Paint Layers from Sheet Metal Roofs Application Report PDF Icon 773.2 KB
Descaling of Billets in Roller Mills Application Report PDF Icon 346.5 KB
Filter Press Cleaning Application Report PDF Icon 421.6 KB
Cleaning Paint Grids in the Car Industry Application Report PDF Icon 569.1 KB
Graffiti Removal Application Report PDF Icon 228.4 KB
High-Pressure Water Inhibits Emission of Heavy Gases Application Report PDF Icon 1.3 MB
Hydraulic Longwall Power Packs Application Report PDF Icon 398.1 KB
Runway Cleaning at 600 bar Application Report PDF Icon 656.6 KB
Runway Cleaning at 2000 bar Application Report PDF Icon 437.2 KB
Runway Cleaning up to 2500 bar with Suction Device Application Report PDF Icon 903.0 KB
Driving Piles into the Seabed Application Report PDF Icon 254.1 KB
Cleaning a Filter Screen Drum Application Report PDF Icon 181.9 KB
Cleaning a Conveyor Belt in the Fibre Glass Industry Application Report PDF Icon 305.8 KB
Cleaning Building Machinery Application Report PDF Icon 127.4 KB
Cleaning Parts of an Extruder in the Polypropylene-Production Process Application Report PDF Icon 2.1 MB
Cleaning of Boilers - Flame-exposed Side Application Report PDF Icon 311.0 KB
Cleaning of Boiler Tubes Application Report PDF Icon 1.0 MB
Cleaning of Condensers in Power Plants Application Report PDF Icon 115.3 KB
Cleaning Plate of Heat-Exchangers Application Report PDF Icon 310.7 KB
Pipe Line Cleaning Application Report PDF Icon 434.1 KB
Cleaning of pipes using the Tornado Application Report PDF Icon 806.3 KB
Cleaning of Ship Hulls up to 1000 bar Application Report PDF Icon 178.9 KB
Cleaning of Deep Water Wells Application Report PDF Icon 741.5 KB
Cleaning of Corrugated Eternit Roofs (Asbestos cement roof panels) Application Report PDF Icon 268.9 KB
Standards for Cleaning of Steel Surfaces Application Report PDF Icon 35.2 KB
Dry Docks - Steel Preparation to WJ - 2 Application Report PDF Icon 155.2 KB
Evaporator Cleaning in the Food Industry Application Report PDF Icon 1.0 MB
Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning Application Report PDF Icon 406.3 KB
Heat Exchanger Cleaning - Manual Application Report PDF Icon 422.8 KB
Heat Exchanger Cleaning in a Sugar Factory Application Report PDF Icon 566.1 KB
Roll Adjustmentt in Steel Mills Application Report PDF Icon 419.7 KB
ISO 9001.2015 Certificate PDF Icon 177.7 KB
KAMAT Data Protection Certificate 2024 Certificate PDF Icon 183.9 KB
Terms of Service
General Conditions of Sales PDF PDF Icon 84.9 KB
General Conditions of Purchase PDF PDF Icon 116.9 KB