Order completed, ready for delivery! Today we are pleased to secure and load out a high pressure plunger pump container unit. The jetting container, manufactured by KAMAT, is delivered to an industrial cleaning and maintenance company in France who is a client of PBS S.A.R.L., our French distributor. The maintenance company is particularly specialized in high-pressure cleaning from 700 bar upwards, which allows the company to clean, wash and strip various surfaces and materials in depth. They work on industrial and oil sites, on silos, boilers, exchangers, tanks, reservoirs, etc.

Even though a standard container unit, it was adapted at the customer’s request after completion 

“We are particularly happy that once again one of our standard jetting container units was completed not only on time – but even though it had to be customized after completion”, says Sales Director Fabian Hoff. “This shows once again that even after completion we are able to customize any unit on the customer’s request”, says Hoff.

In this case the KAMAT standard unit needed some additional components after completion. As it was ordered for the use in France, there had to be considered French security policies, such as double safety aspects which allow the use by an operator and a supervisor at the same time. This additional feature was subsequently adjusted in the unit’s control. Furthermore, for save operation the control had to be programmed in French retroactively. “Only thus the regulations for water jet technology and the SIR certificate can be achieved, which is required for high-pressure water jet systems in France”, puts Hoff emphasize on.

On the one hand a standard high-pressure product but at the same time custom made

The jetting container was delivered with a KAMAT plunger pump of the type K45032, equipped with a 405 kW diesel engine, 140l @1500 bar or can be converted to 200l @1000 bar with an exchange kit. Next to the above mentioned additional features due to the French safety aspects the look of the container was custom made as well: The container’s surface was painted in white instead of green.

Note: The next high-pressure container unit (188l/min @1060 bar) is already in production – if you are interested or need one at short notice, please contact our sales team. Other container units (550 kW), KamJet or similar are also available at short notice.

Technical Data of the jetting container for industrial cleaning at a glance:

Pump unit type: K45032-A-3G
Pressure/ p: max. 1000 bar or 1500 bar
Flow/ Q: 140 l /min (@1500 bar) und 200l / min (@1000 bar)
Power Input/ P: 405 kW
Medium to be pumped: water

(Convertable with an interchangeable kit to 200l @1000 bar)