KAMAT’s global distribution network is growing and growing. “Today we are pleased to officially announce our new sales and service partner BUH Energie Resources Ltd (BUH) in Ghana,” says Managing Director Dr. Ing. Andreas Wahl. The pump manufacturer from Witten is firmly convinced that BUH is ideally suited to promote KAMAT’s high-pressure solutions throughout Ghana: “We welcome BUH on board and look forward to future cooperation.

BUH Energie Resources – An established engineering services provider in Ghana

Our new partner is an established engineering company with offices in both major cities of Ghana: Takoradi and Tema. They specialise in mechanical engineering, machine service and maintenance, as well as corrosion protection and pressure testing in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture and construction sectors, among others. Our first contact and business initiation with BUH was through our Sales Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, Daren Abraham. In addition to his work as a salesman, Abraham is also a scout for us, constantly on the lookout for new agencies worldwide. “BUH is a particularly good fit for us because they have well-trained and experienced staff and offer a wide range of technical services related to mechanical engineering for all major industries locally. Together we now want to conquer new markets in Ghana and the near vicinity,” says Wahl.

To learn more about our new partner, read the following interview with Dieu-Donne Dakudjie from BUH Energie Resources, in which he explains from his perspective what makes a partnership with KAMAT valuable for them and how the first contacts were made.


KAMAT: How did our cooperation start? What was your first impression?
Dakudjie: KAMAT through their sub-Saharan sales director first connected with the CEO of BUH Energie Resources which sparked a beautiful working relationship between the two organizations. The team at BUH was excited to be partnering with KAMAT to distribute pumps, accessories, and products across the landscape of Ghana.
KAMAT: Who is BUH Energie Resources Ltd.?
Dakudjie: With over a decade of corporate existence and forty-plus years of combined personnel experience in the oil & gas, mining, agriculture, construction, and other sectors, BUH is an indigenous LLC located in two major cities of Ghana: Takoradi and Tema providing engineering support to these major industrial sectors of Ghana and its border countries
KAMAT: What is the success concept of your company?
Dakudjie: To grow our multi-disciplinary team in order to offer a broad spectrum of engineering services to become our client’s preferred Professional Service Provider (PSP) choice through excellence and efficiency.
KAMAT: What makes our partnership a perfect match?
Dakudjie: Our partnership is a mutually beneficial partnership, BUH and KAMAT take active interests in each other while working together to develop shared success. BUH and KAMAT share a balanced commitment and investment in each other to ensure the partnership drives impact, innovation, and longevity in overall returns.

Contact Details:

BUH Energie Resources Ltd.
2016 Kwame Nkrumah Boulevard, Apowa, Takoradi
African Industries Building, Heavy Industrial Area, Valco Rd, Tema-Ghana
+233 200 056 989 I +233 500 039 886


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