During the course of the past five weeks, we had the pleasure of welcoming Carolin W. (19) for an internship at our sales department. She was able to get a deep inside into our business by visiting three departments, spending two weeks with our marketing team, one with the export and two with our administration team.

Surprising first impression: KAMAT is a lot more diverse and internationally active than expected

For us it is always nice to see that young people can still be impressed by a midsized family business like KAMAT. She was thoroughly surprised by our activities worldwide and how much of the company is orientated around export, and all of that from a small sleepy town like Witten. ”KAMAT is so much bigger than I expected. The grounds look a lot smaller than what is happening. Also, the mix of different nationalities in staff really surprised me!” Carolin after her first days at KAMAT.

First station of the internship: Marketing department

Of course her experience started with a guided tour throughout our two company grounds and offices, getting to know her new co-workers and the products she was going to be dealing with, but shortly after it fun and games were over and we introduced her to her first workplace: the marketing department. She was presented with the most recent work that our marketing department had dealt with and what the department is dealing with at the moment, which is our, soon to come, new homepage. We introduced her to the brand-new system, what it is all about and aims to do, but most importantly into the systems and that are used to deal, modify and create content with. Following that inside, Carolin was ready to get started and helped the team with numerous tasks, including the draw up on a news article about our upcoming conventions. At the end of the first week, we invited her to partake in a meeting with an external, the aim of the meeting was a schooling for the content creation on our new website. Her final task was to write up an interview with our new apprentice and create a news article that is to be published shortly on all our media outlets including pictures and the editing of them.

The next chapters: the departments of administration and export

„It was a really nice experience to use the theoretically learned knowledge, put it to practical use and see the differences in between the theory and the reality, especially when looking at programs and the routes taken until a product is finished. During the next two weeks Carolin was faced with the classic parts administration. She helped sorting incoming bills, payed them, sorted outstanding invoices and kept account of our “cash register”. After that, she was off to our department of export. Part of her experience was helping with the preparation of finished products for export, including clearing them for customs, the creation of delivery slips and accompanying bills and the packaging of those papers. After all she was really delighted by her insights: “The internship showed me that I am doing the right thing by studying business administration. It furthermore showed me that I want to major in marketing since I really enjoyed the work of it.”

She came to KAMAT by recommendation

She stumbled upon KAMAT when looking for a good and interesting place to spent her internship when her father, being friend with one of our employees, recommended KAMAT to her. She was pleasantly surprised by our quick confirmation of her internship just days after she admitted her application to us. “I was delighted to get such a quick response since I was really worried about getting a place at a company for my compulsory internship. Many companies are afraid of interns due to the corona virus or simply haven’t returned yet to “office” after the corona crisis.” She also liked the flair of the middle sized family business, the short commute and the way KAMAT presents itself online. Another point of contact was a distant friend of her who is currently in an apprenticeship at KAMAT. Because of that, she was aware of the products we produce, but not the huge variety of appliances our pumps and products are suitable for. “I was most pleasantly surprised by the working climate at KAMAT, the friendliness and the open mindedness. I was able to address and criticize things and always found an ear whenever I had any questions. I would recommend an internship at KAMAT to everyone!”

Thank you, Carolin! It was a pleasure having you as an intern, wish you all the best for your future and we are hoping to meet you again!