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27 July 2015
Room for improvement – a résumé

On Saturday the J22 Worlds ended abruptly. One week of sailing run by so quickly. We finished this World Championship on an unsatisfying 28th place.

A lot of small mistakes summed up to this result. Not saying that every race was bad, we had some very good results on which we could see that if we are keeping out of trouble we can have a pick at the world top.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the event and had some good learning moments.

Last but not least, we like to say THANK YOU to the whole KAMAT-Team, with special thanks to Jan Sprakel, Ramona Mayer, Dirk Heimeshoff and the rest of the Team.

Without this friendly and generous support, we as students would never be able to live this sport!

Johannes, Daniel and Ole

c) Sven Jürgensen / Mittelmanns Werft

23 July 2015
A Good Start

After 2 hours of start delay with bright sunshine, finally the gradient wind won over thermal, and with a light wind we could realise a 3rd position. After that, the wind rose slightly, and we became the 12th and the 28th. In the last race we sailed on the right side, but after 2 penalty loops we could not save a lot. Luckily, we could avoid a protest by doing these penalty loops. With a total 17th position we are pleased up to now, but we will continue to attack tomorrow.

(c) Sven Jürgensen / Mittelmanns Werft

Tricky winds from different directions

The day startet with AP up ashore until 11.30am. We used the extra time ashore to give some extra attention to our lady.
At about 1pm some brise came up and the race committee decided quickly to start the 7th race. With wind conditions ranging from 3 to 14 knots from different directions (wind shifts up to 30°), we sailed a good race and finished on a 15th place. Unfortunately we ha a tricky situation at the starting line on which we got a protest. The jury decided in an arbitration that we broke some rules, although we thought to be clear off. We got a 30% penalty on our score.

Quickly after the 7th race we started the 8th, because is was already clear from the forecast and the real picture that the wind is going to die and twitch around. We had good boat speed and did some smart moves wich let us finish in 12th position.

Overall we are happy with the day, although the Jury decision feels al little unfair and will throw us back on the total result.

See you tomorrow!


22 July 2015
Today was a mixed day.

The whole day was showing winds of 25 knots with peaks of more than 33knots. This gave some problems to us as our crew weight is 40kg under the permitted Maximum. This caused for us a disappointing day result: a 17th place in the first run and a 31st out of 44 in the second run. Other runs for this day were canceled by the race committee because f the strong winds. The strong wind lead to breakages of stays, spinnakers and spinnaker booms. Luckily we didn´t suffer any damage.

A look at the weather report for tomorrow gives us the hope that the weather will be more ideal for us.

(c) Sven Jürgensen / Mittelmanns Werft

20 July 2015
We don't need to hide!

After being measured without any trouble yesterday, we had our Practice Race today. With a nice westerly breeze we did some rolling starts and a full up and down race, which we finished on a 5th place out of 44 boats. We are very pleased with today's result and we'll start racing tomorrow with great confidence.

17 July 2015
We Arrived ....

Only a few days until the Marinepool worlds kick off at the Travemünder Woche in Travemünde.

This is the event we all, that is Ole, Daniel and Jojo have prepared for together with our lady “J`s Boat by KAMAT” ever since last December. The Boat is ready and so are we. We are looking forward to start racing on Monday with a practice race for the whole fleet and the serious World Cup races starting on Tuesday.

From Tuesday on there is also going to be a live-tracker for you to follow us at any point of our journey


German Inshore Haltern / State Chamionships NRW 30.05.-31.05.2015

After sailing the whole season in dutch lakes we returned home for the German Inshore. The conditions were not easy. The lake is small and surrounded by forest which resulted in a lot of wind shifts. These wind shifts sometimes were fairly strong at 30knts. Untol we had adapted to the conditions the Saturday was gone and in the evening we were only 12th over all.
After Dinner we had two protest negotiations which we both won.

On Sunday we returned to our old shape and siled to a 3rd and 4th place. Seventh over all ment that we were fourth in the state championships of North Rhine Westphalia.


Who trims, wins! Den Haag, May 2015, Delta Lloayd North Sea Regatta Wuestion:

Who knows how many train Stations are there in Den Haag with a Starbucks Shop? We know the answer. At least two! Nevertheless we found our missing crew member.

The Crew are JoJo at the tiller, Dirty as trimmer midships and me as temporary bow man. Over Whitsun weekend we wanted to show the 16 orange (dutch) boats how to drive a boat! The was our lack of trimming a J22 in these conditions: 5Bft and waves of 1m killed our joy of sailing. While the Race Committee pushed hard to do four races the first day our backs already showed the profile of the boat deck and no good idea was anymore going through our salt water flushed heads.

In the evening we got the redeeming idea that the tension on our rig was trimmed to high. 200kg less tension on the stays for the next day we would be much quicker in the field. With a good feeling and the clear task to sail early and check the trim before the races of the day start we worked in the right direction: A start-finish victory in the last race after doing a second before was the good result of day two. What a day! With good trims and overall 7th we said good by after the boat wash in the evening sun. Kai Becker, NRV Hamburg


Learned a lot!

In the first three flights of the Grade-3-Match-Race „Alsteract" in Hamburg we faced the three strongest competitors. We immediately realized how little experience we have in Match Racing. In all three flights we were defeated while we performed already much better in the third flight. Now we understood the maneuvers much better and gave the later winner of the event a hard time.  

A clear improvement we could see in the flights 4-6. We could win two flights: One against a very strong polish team and one against our sparring partners of the day before. We were able to pass them at the windward buoy after performing a clever Jibe maneuver. In the last flight we made a big mistake at the start but were defeated only by a few centimeters.

Over all our ranking in the event was not too good but the whole weekend boosted our development as a team greatly.

Regards, Team Kamat


Team KAMAT invited to Alster Act 26!

The season did not really start but Team KAMAT will already compete in a new format – a match race. We are happy to be invited by the Hamburg Sailing Club (HSC). We will use the Alster Act to improve our timing at the start and our tactical skills. We keep you informed!


Season Warming Up at Braassemermeer 21 & 22.3.2015
- Everything included -

The conditions in our first Regatta were a tough test for us and our material but also not ideal for our temporary substitute bowman.

With gusts of max 31 knots windspeed we sailed an early start, touched the windward buoy. But inth last race we were first due to our skills in "reading the clouds".

On Sunday Rasmus was gracy and we sailed six races with 5-12 knots windspeed at brilliant skies Besides an early start in the first race we were always finishing top ten include a first rank. Over all we finished seventh which is absolutely ok. We are loking forward to our next races!



Introducing J22 Team KAMAT

Team KAMAT was founded last winter. The Crew consists of the 3 members, Johannes Buitenhuis (aka Jojo, right), Daniel Hoffmann (aka Dirty, left) and Ole Sprakel (aka Sugar, middle).

We are a young ambitious sailing team targeting to sail in the J22 Worlds summer 2015 in our own country. Our first training to analyze our material and test first manoeuvers took place in Bandol (Fance) this winter. The second training took place in the Netherlands at the Braassemermeer.

The Braassemermeer was chosen because of it being well known to be the trainings spot of elite Dutch J22 teams. The 3 day training consisted of two days of optimizing material and one day of intense training on the local waters. Those three days turned out to be really successful.

All optimization of material is now finished and J22 Team KAMAT is now on their way towards the J22 Worlds 2015. A big Thank You goes to our Sponsor KAMAT, who supplies us with a boat, a car and a generous budget.

Without your support all this would not be possible for us being students!


March 2015
KAMAT is back in Sports Sponsoring!

After KAMAT sponsored for years a Motorbike racer in the IDM, we now start a sailing project.

Sailing is as environmentally friendly as our products, requires highest commitment in a high tech environment and is a team sports. What could fit better to KAMAT?

From 19th to 25.7.15 the J-22 world championship takes place in Germany for the first time. The J-22 is one of the largest keel boat one design classes in the world. After nearly getting an Olympic status the J-22 class is the epitome of a very competitive but cost effective regatta class. The performance level in the J-22 class is very high and very dense. The boats are sailed near to a professional level.

Under the lead of Johannes Buitenhuis a team of three prepares for the J-22 WM waving the KAMAT flag. Since New Year they are training maneuvers and optimize the boat. Until the word championships the team will take part in some other Regattas and will also organize more training camps. We cross our fingers for the boys that they sail the KAMAT logo as far in front as possible!