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EWJI Association welcomes KAMAT as a new member company

"The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, welcomes its new member: KAMAT,” says the association's current press release at the end of last year. Here and on its homepage, the non-profit organisation European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, announces that KAMAT has been accepted as a new member company of the non-profit organisation. EWJI describes KAMAT in its press release as an innovative and international high-pressure pump manufacturer from Germany, with 45 years of experience in various industries, dedicated to making water usable as a tool and to safely convey process media of all types using high-pressure technology.

The committee approves the application and issues a certificate to KAMAT - networking can begin

KAMAT is proud that the membership application, which was submitted to the association, based in Spain, last summer, has been accepted and that KAMAT has now formally received the membership certificate. “Now we are allowed to use the official EWJI logo, which honours us. From a membership in the organisation, which was founded in 2013, we promise ourselves that the institute, as stated in its statutes, as a collective pursues the main goal of promoting and representing the interests of the waterjet industry, including ours, across Europe. The certificate or the organisation stands for quality and guarantees the highest standards in terms of safety and professional integrity. We are looking forward to all activities of the association and that from now on we will be part of the organisation”, says KAMAT managing director Dipl. Ing. Jan Sprakel, looking forward to the future active membership of KAMAT. Just arrived hot off the press at KAMAT: The EWJI Yearbook 2021, which was sponsored by a number of member companies. In addition to WOMA from the Kärcher Group, KAMAT, as a sponsor member, contributed to the publication of an 80-page, technically informative yearbook. This new edition presents e.g. highlights of the year for the water jetting industry in Europe.

About EWJI

The European Water Jetting Institute, EWJI, was created following the model of similar organisations at European level to establish an umbrella organisation that brings together National Associations, contractors, suppliers and prescribers of the industry. The main goal of EWJI is the development and standardisation of services and products related with water jetting, regardless of the field of ​​application. For this purpose, the association organises various activities and events, forms working groups, offers videos, training courses and publications on the relevant topics, takes care of marketing and public relations and offers international networking.

Further information and who is a member, can be found here:

This is the link for the EWJI Yearbook 2021:

Anyone who wishes to consult it online, can do it by filling the form. They will receive the link for the consultation on their e-mail.

See the certificate here: Certificate KAMAT

From now on, the official EWJI logo can be used by KAMAT.

From now on, the official EWJI logo can be used by KAMAT.

Two pictures, on the left the cover of the EWJI yearbook 2022 and on the right an opened inside page with an article about KAMAT and a KAMAT ad with a green high-pressure pump image.

Just arrived hot off the press at KAMAT: The EWJI Yearbook 2021.