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High-Pressure Gun KSP 1200 is now KSP 1500

For more than 40 years now, the technical development of KAMAT plunger pumps is a continuous process. In the same way, KAMAT develops and produces a wide range of technical accessories for high-pressure applications. KAMAT’s engineers continuously develop and optimise technical cleaning accessories for high-pressure applications up to 3,500 bar/ 50, 800 psi. KAMAT’s experience, acquired in many thousands of applications worldwide, is the basis for the in-house development of accessories, any kind of water and rotating tools, self-propelled or externally driven, for high-pressure applications. These can be smaller parts, such as rotating nozzles for gun operation and manipulators (self-propelled or pneumatically driven), rotating joints (3,200 bar / 46,400 psi) especially designed for mounting on surface cleaners or whole systems, such as the remote-controlled Ship Hull Crawler for the cleaning of large surfaces. KAMAT develops accessories alongside full practical testing. The result: highly functional accessories, absolutely ergonomic and safe tools, which guarantee safe, efficient and fatigue-free work such as KAMAT’s high-pressure guns KSP 1200 and KSP 3000, which have been recently standardised in order to divide the variety in half. The result of the standardisation is that there is the same range of functions with 50 % less variants and an extended pressure range compared to the previous high-pressure gun KSP 1200. The division of the programme into just two pressure levels makes this possible. The KSP 1200 is now the KSP 1500 and suitable for high pressure up to 1,500 bar and the KSP 3000 for maximum pressure up to 3,000 bar.

Fatigue-free work with KAMAT high-pressure guns

The high-pressure cleaning and processing of surfaces with water requires a precise management of the water jet. This precise management is needed to ensure that the required result, e.g. surface finish, is achieved within an adequate time. The method needs to be safe and fatigue-free. With this objective, KAMAT offers the specially developed, in-house produced, high-pressure guns KSP 1500 / KSP 3000 with electrical or mechanical control, completed by different versions of foot valves and rotating gun lances. KAMAT has achieved the extraordinary ergonomics of these devices by innovative solutions, for example, all high-pressure guns are provided with a special pivoting grip which does not transmit any torque to the wrist. In addition, the optimal hose routing for all work situations is easy, since the gun’s hose connection can branch off in all directions when pivoting. This special 360° pivoting grip does not only avoid any torque in the wrist, it also guarantees (amongst other things) fatigue-free work. The handle is highly shock-resistant, rock-solid and extremely robust. A well-known problem with high-pressure guns is that the control cables break easily and that the change of the cable is longsome. KAMAT has solved this problem by designing the gun in a different way. The electric proximity switch is only plugged-in and not glued-in, which makes it easy to be exchanged immediately after a cable failure. Furthermore the high-pressure hose connection of KAMAT’s high-pressure guns point backwards, thus the forces caused by the hose are reduced. 

Of utmost importance - safe technology for the safety of people using KAMAT’s equipment

KAMAT follows the philosophy that machine safety is of outmost importance as it is all about the safety of people, who work with their equipment. The company always keeps in mind, that all technical solutions and new developments follow this philosophy. Concerning safety aspects KAMAT’s HP-guns are therefore the safest guns in the market. The range of high-pressure guns is extended by different versions of foot valves, rotating gun lances, rotating nozzles and further accessories for the most varied cases of application, cleaning of surfaces and pipes, removal of paint and coatings, removal of concrete, uncover reinforcement bars, abrasion and washing of concrete and stone. All products for surface cleaning can be fitted to guns and electrically guided equipment, thus many applications are possible with the KAMAT high-pressure gun equipment. The guns are suitable for manual surface cleaning with all type of forms and materials of nozzles. 

More information about our HP-gun KSP 1500 / KSP 3000 and accessories for the KSP can be found at Pump Accessories.