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Internal Training: Focus on Developments in the Accessories High-Pressure Filter and Filter Element

. A simple high-pressure filter for 1500 bar was developed at the request of Bayer Technological Services. KAMAT filed for a patent. "Since then well-known engine manufacturers, amongst others, already use our stable component, the simple high-pressure filter for 3000 bar. They trust in our filter not only because it has a long service life in their test stands of diesel engines, but above all because it can be connected upstream of the injectors in large engines, thus tiny particles are caught that were not previously filtered", says Marcel Steinbreder of KAMAT, Development Department & Application Engineering.

Regular internal technical training at KAMAT
In order to provide the sales team with recent knowledge about high-pressure technology from their own company, KAMAT regularly holds in-house training. The internal department Development and Application Technology informs the team about various topics in the field of new developments or refreshes the technical knowledge about the stock. "The advantages of our high-pressure filter are that it can even increase the pressure up to 6000 bar", Steinbreder continues. It is no secret that there are comparable filters in the filter range at pressures below 1500 bar on the market, but relatively incomparable with other filters is KAMAT's high pressure filter at higher and just up to 6000 bar pressures. "At the same pressure, we offer significantly higher flow rates," says Steinbreder.

New: Filter with damping volume now - thus new application areas are possible
In the training Steinbreder especially points out the further development of the filter. What is new is that the filter optionally also has a damping volume which protects the filter element and the pressure-carrying line against pulsations, so that it cannot be used only for the construction of injection nozzles. Thus, an important technical advantage of the high-pressure filter from KAMAT is the damping volume. Further applications of the high-pressure filter are not only engines but also various chemical processes or high-pressure preservation in the food industry. In the high-pressure filter namely high media temperatures between 5-200°C are possible, which is important in chemical processes that occur in these temperature ranges. Higher temperatures are required by applications in the chemical industry, especially CO2 extraction and urea production. But not all of these processes need higher temperatures, for example, bacterial cracking works at 5°C.

FDA and GMP certification possible
If required the high pressure filter can also be constructed according to FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. Where certification of the filter is required, such as the FDA certification, or GMP certification, it can be provided on-site by the customer. Because of its great tolerance to highly viscous media the filter can be used in very different areas, too. Which fluids can be pumped exactly by using the filter, can be determined by KAMAT beforehand in a single test.

More information on high-pressure filters and filter elements from KAMAT can be downloaded here as a PDF file.

Catalog Sheet Accessories "High Pressure Filter & Filter Element" (PDF, 183 KB)


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