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Interpromo filmed project workflow - step-by-step production of high-pressure units

Our Russian sales partner Interpromo LLC, an engineering company and manufacturer of high-pressure pump systems for use in various industries, recently made a video about project planning, assembly and delivery of four high-pressure units. For the four high-pressure units KAMAT high-pressure pumps K 80075 MC-5G for pumping liquid hydrocarbon are used.

Special production of four high-pressure pumps for the oil and gas sector

"As special pump manufacturer the project of our partner Interpromo was a very interesting challenge for us. After all, the task was to manufacture pumps for the oil and gas sector, with very specific requirements, i.e. nothing you can get off the shelf," explains Managing Director Dipl. - Ing. Jan Sprakel. "The high-pressure pumps assembled on site by the highly qualified engineering team at Interpromo are a custom-made product of ours for the oil and gas sector," Sprakel continues. The cooperation with Interpromo in this project is once again proof that local partnerships work well on site. The partners can rely on each other, work hand in hand and successfully tackle interesting projects in the high pressure area together. Interpromo can look back on 15 years of successful cooperation with KAMAT: During this time, the company claims to have designed a complex approach to developing technical solutions for customers, especially in the area of high-pressure units for various industries such as oil and gas.

Film Title: Production of four high-pressure units

Interpromo’s short film "Production of four high-pressure units" shows very clearly and compactly how a project for the production of high-pressure units runs at Interpromo on site: Project planning, preparation, welding work, painting, shaft centering, assembly, packaging, loading.

More information about Interpromo LLC: Partner at KAMAT and Interpromo Webpage

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