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KAMAT pump part of innovative drilling system - prototype in use for dam rehabilitation in the USA

MEDATECH's Borterra drilling division in Canada has developed a prototype of an innovative drilling rig. The new hybrid drilling technology relies on KAMAT pumps for dam rehabilitation in the USA.

"Our first Borterra WS6000 drill rig equipped with the KAMAT HD K 18060 MC-3G pump performed as expected in the testing, and we successfully installed the unit at our customer's location," reports Scott Dalrymple, P. Eng. design engineer at MEDATECH and product manager for Borterra, MEDATECH's Drilling Division in Ontario, Canada. Rehabilitation of a 1950s-era dam is now underway with the innovative drilling system prototype. Andreas Meyer, Business Development-Sales Director, KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG, is very satisfied: "A big step forward. The final design with the possible but unusual vertical orientation of our pump looks very clean and organised. Great work!"

Hybrid drilling rig incorporates both hydraulic down-the-hole hammer and sonic drilling techniques

MEDATECH's Drilling Division's innovative prototype WS6000 with KAMAT HP pump K 18060 MC-3G is a hybrid drilling rig. This rig was designed specifically for dam rehabilitation. The project with MEDATECH's prototype WS6000 was commissioned by a customer in the USA. The task was to rehabilitate a dam built in the late 1950s for power generation with a crest height of 60 meters. Over the years, hydrostatic pressure had eroded the limestone foundation. "It is this particular type of dam that the WS6000 was designed to rehabilitate," explains Dalrymple. "It was important to keep in mind that drilling is an essential part of stabilisation that is as important, if not more important, to the safety of the dam than the grouting process," adds Dalrymple. According to the expert, for drilling at dams, hydraulic drilling combined with sonic drilling is the safest method. According to the report, the solution for remediation was to combine hydraulic and sonic drilling technology. Thus, the first hybrid drilling rig, the WS6000 drilling system prototype, was developed, incorporating both, high-pressure water down-the-hole (DTH) drilling technology and sonic drilling technology. The Wassara DTH hammer drill used in the hybrid rig is water-hydraulically operated, at an operating pressure of about 200 bar. Compared to other methods, it also offers energy and environmental benefits. "We are pleased to be part of what MEDATECH themselves call an exciting breakthrough, that the first hybrid drilling rig has been equipped with a KAMAT high-pressure pump K 18060 MC-3G," notes Andreas Meyer.

In summary: What is special about the new Borterra WS6000 drill rig with KAMAT pump?

The Borterra WS6000 - a self-sufficient, one-man drill rig with hydraulic DTH hammer, sonic drilling technology and hybrid pump - is a track-mounted, diesel-powered Stage 5 drill rig with integrated storage of casing and drill pipe. It is equipped with: Hydraulic Wassara DTH hammer drill built by LKAB Wassara AB and powered by a Kamat high-pressure water pump and sonic drilling technology by Sonic Drill Corporation.

More details about the Borterra WS6000 are available on the MEDATECH project page and on YouTube.

(Source: MEDATECH Engineering / Borterra)

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Borterra prototype WS6000 with KAMAT HP Pump K18060 MC-3G and downhole drill by Wassara, © MEDATECH Engineering

Borterra prototype WS6000 with KAMAT HP Pump K18060 MC-3G and downhole drill by Wassara, © MEDATECH Engineering