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KAMAT welcomes Dover Hydraulics as new partner in North America

KAMAT welcomes Dover Hydraulics Inc. as new exclusive distributor for steel and aluminium industries in North America. Managing Director Dipl. Ing. Jan Sprakel is looking forward to the future cooperation: “Dover Hydraulics is well known to people doing business in this line for their long-time experience, their industry-leading expertise in the field of hydraulic technical repair and services. Dover Hydraulic’s comprehensive technical knowledge, as well as their standing customers or let’s say their long-time developed clientele in the steel industrial market in most of the United States, is for us a gain.

When Dover Hydraulics approached us to show us their interest becoming our partner, in February this year, we did not hesitate for long. Daren Abraham, our Business Development Manager, did a great job. He started the process of getting acquainted with each other and our high-pressure solutions, e.g. for descaling. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic all meetings had to be via internet. Very soon we agreed to become business partners. Today, we are pleased to announce the official beginning of our new partner as distributor in North America for the steel and aluminium industries.”

About Dover Hydraulics Inc., North America

Dover Hydraulics has been in business since 1982. With almost 40 years of experience in the industrial market, Dover Hydraulics is recognized as a leader in technical repair services. Dover Hydraulics is located in Dover, Ohio. Dover’s market includes the steel and aluminum industries, construction, scrap processing, plastics, and mining. Dover offers technical hydraulic cylinder and component repair and light fabricating. They also offer field service to support their repair programs. Dover also offers a fully staffed engineering department as well as state of the art testing equipment throughout their shops. Dover assists customers in making improvements to their components and systems that will increase service life and reduce downtime.

Interview with Dover Hydraulics Inc.

Read in the following interview with Dover Hydraulics what makes a partnership with KAMAT valuable from their point of view and how the first contacts were established.

KAMAT: How did you find KAMAT?

Dover Hydraulics: We saw a full-page ad in the back of a trade magazine. We were aware of KAMAT from their industry leading presence in the mining market. We wanted to expand our product offering in the steel industry as descaling is used in most of the mills we call on. Jim Karl reached out to KAMAT and had a conversation with Daren Abraham.

KAMAT: How did our cooperation start? What was your first impression?

Dover Hydraulics: We started out with some emails and phone calls. We then did a series of virtual conference calls to get some basic training and product knowledge. We want to grow our business into different types of products especially in the steel industry. KAMAT offer a quality product and an interest in growing their market share in the steel industry.

KAMAT: What makes our partnership a perfect match?

Dover Hydraulics: We should be a good partner for many reasons. Mainly, KAMAT offers a quality product and Dover Hydraulics is known for quality repair services. We are both comprehensive in our approach, so we are a good fit as a partnership. We both have a reputation for strong engineering presence as well.


Contact Details:

Dover Hydraulics
2996 Progress Street
Dover, OH 44622

Tel: +1 330-364-1617

From left to right: Company owners Gretchen Sensel Boring, Lisa Sensel Tritt and Angie Sensel Thomas, Dayne Thomas, VP and Gen Mgr., Jim Karl (hat), Sales Manager, © Dover Hydraulics Inc.

From left to right: Company owners Gretchen Sensel Boring, Lisa Sensel Tritt and Angie Sensel Thomas, Dayne Thomas, VP and Gen Mgr., Jim Karl (hat), Sales Manager, © Dover Hydraulics Inc.