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4. Representatives Meeting ... built on Tradition!

We call it "come together". Presentations and various of demonstrations of new products and already proven KAMAT products ensured a good atmosphere, gave cause to a lively exchange of information.

The focus was on:

  • The KAMJET 27/2800 with optimized trailer and fully automatic pressure-/speed control up to 27l/min and max. 2800bar.
  • The KAMJET is suitable for the use of two consumers. The two consumers control unit ensures that each individual consumer can operate independently without being influenced by the other consumers.
  • The pneumatically driven and remotely controlled patented tank cleaning head TWKair 200/1500 with three-dimensionally positionable rotor arm.

The TWKair is designed for up to 200l/min and max. 1500bar. Speed and direction of the nozzle arms are adjustable during operation and can be controlled individually. During operation, the TWKair can be stopped in any position. Straight lance pipes connected as nozzle arms and guarantee easy arm extension.