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Practically explained: Tutorial on a control of a KAMAT High Pressure Unit (Container)

Brand-new on KAMAT’s YouTube channel: A “how-to-do” video about the functionality of a control in a KAMAT container high-pressure unit. This tutorial addresses to operators of a KAMAT high-pressure pump unit with diesel engine and PLC control. This video is about the operation of the control cabinet of a container device with two types of control: pressure regulation and speed control. It shows how the start process or the setup works before starting with the application and how the operator switches on the high-pressure device safely for man and machine.

Pressure control and speed control: the pros and cons of both modes explained by an expert

In this tutorial, KAMAT's specialist in automation technology, Gregor Heuser, explains the difference between the two operating modes, shows the difference between pressure regulation and speed control, the pros and cons of each mode as well as the logic of the individual operating modes, and guides you step by step through the process of safe operation. The tutorial also shows and explains possible error messages. Furthermore, due to the fact, that the company generates 80% of sales outside of the German-speaking area with their high-pressure solutions and high-pressure technologies, there is, at least, a second version of the tutorial with English voice-over comments.

Aim at the end of the tutorial: the user should know how to do it

“In the past, operators of our units repeatedly called us for answers regarding the two modes of our PLC control. Obviously, the detailed instruction manual supplied by us is not sufficient for all operators. Then the idea came up to demonstrate the whole thing visually, quickly and easily on the device with a short explanatory video, accessible at any time and for everyone on YouTube. Now, we hope to offer the viewer of our video as operator of our high-pressure units an understandable quick guide with this tutorial”, explains managing director Jan Sprakel.

Name and technical data of the device used in the video:

Container High Pressure Pump Unit K35036A2-3G-DW405C, Q = 188 l / min, p = 1000 bar, P = 350 kW, Volvo Diesel Engine, PLC control

Link to the tutorial on KAMAT's YouTube channel:

The tutorial is divided into seven chapters: Introduction, Basic Modes of Operation, Water Tank, Pressure Control Mode, Speed ​​Control Mode and Explanation of Menus.

At the shooting at KAMAT: Just before starting

At the shooting at KAMAT: Just before starting

Startup screen of the container unit's control tutorial

Startup screen of the container unit's control tutorial