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Representatives' meeting 2020 - virtual exchange

In order to give the worldwide partners the opportunity to participate despite different time zones, there were two dates in December, one for the eastern and one for the western hemisphere.

Not face-to-face but virtual at least

“Of course, as originally planned, we would have preferred to invite our partners to Witten to talk to them face-to-face, but unfortunately it was not possible under the pandemic conditions. But it's good that we met virtually, at least”, regrets managing director Dipl. Ing. Jan Sprakel and is pleased at the same time. 

It was good to meet 

Everyone agrees: It was good to see almost 70 colleagues, partners and friends from over 20 countries in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe again and to exchange experiences of the corona year. In addition to the dialogue and personal exchange, the technical developments and product innovations at KAMAT were on the agenda.

Fascinating how international KAMAT is

“Fascinating how international we are! A single look at the screen with all those live images of the participants shows me immediately that we are represented worldwide”, Sprakel says happily. “It feels good to work for KAMAT”, Sprakel resumes.

The more, KAMAT and all partners hope for a reunion in 2021, in real. Hopefully the next meeting will take place in Witten again!