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Trade fairs up to date - IFAT 2020 in Munich to be canceled

IFAT 2020 has now been completely canceled and has been scheduled for 2022. Due to the continuing difficult situation caused by the corona pandemic, the organisers of the IFAT, Messe München, have decided with „a heavy heart" to cancel the alternative date in September 2020. Among other things, the cancellation was preceded by an online survey of the participating exhibitors in order to obtain a clear opinion of the industry.

Messe München gets feedback revealing clear opinions of the industry before cancellation 

We at KAMAT also participated in this survey and gave feedback similar to that of the majority of participants from the industry (64%), namely that we do not consider the implementation of IFAT 2020 to be reasonable under these circumstances: "We welcome the responsible and early decision of those responsible for IFAT to cancel this year's IFAT. After the government's latest announcement that large events would not be allowed until the end of August, we as exhibitors had no longer any planning security and were already considering internally canceling the participation, because participating would not be reasonable for our employees“, says Managing Director Dipl. Ing Jan Sprakel.

Worried about the health of employees as well as of trade fair visitors 

Not only was the KAMAT management worried about the danger to the employees and our trade fair visitors, but also about the low expectation of a trade fair success. After all, not only KAMAT expects international trade fair visitors by investing in a leading international trade fair. But even if social distancing is relaxed and major events are allowed in Germany by then, what about other countries? Who could travel again by then? Sprakel remains optimistic: "Even if we think it's a shame, also because a lot of effort has been put into planning our booth and our product presentation, we welcome the decision and are looking forward to IFAT 2022 even more, in the hope that by then the world has recovered from the corona crisis and we all no longer have to be afraid of an infection. Because we have responsibility for our employees and safety applies to us first.”

New date for the IFAT, Bohrtechniktage and SMM Hamburg are still planned

While IFAT 2020 has now been officially canceled and rescheduled for May 30 to June 3, 2022, there are two other trade fairs where KAMAT is present as an exhibitor and which have not yet been actively canceled by the organisers: Bohrtechniktage (Sept. 23 to Sept. 25, 2020) and SMM Hamburg (Sept. 8 to Sept.11, 2020). We will decide at short notice whether we should take part, shouldn’t the organisers cancel those exhibitions as well. 

Check our online trade fair calendar regularly

We will keep you up to date. To see if these dates remain you can conveniently check our trade fair calendar here on our website at any time. Here you can see at a glance where you can meet us on trade fairs in Germany or our partners on trade fairs worldwide. 

We look forward to seeing you again! Until then, we wish you: stay healthy and take care of yourself!

KAMAT calendar of trade fairs and exhibitions