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Welcome to KAMAT - Dina Lindsay new Sales Director Eastern Europe

KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG warmly welcomes Dina Lindsay to the KAMAT family. As of now, she is part of our sales team as Sales Director. She is responsible for the entire Eastern European market and is the new contact person for our customers and partners in Eastern Europe for jetting applications.

Fascinated by technology and the manufacturing industry: "I belong to mechanical engineering!"

We are particularly pleased about the new and experienced colleague, because she is intended for KAMAT. As early as 2010 she had first contact as a local employee on a joint project between a British company and KAMAT, got to know both managing directors personally and was able to convince herself of KAMAT's expertise in high-pressure technology. Now she has, as she says, “found her job again”, she was once again, as so often in her life, “at the right time in the right place”, namely in the Ruhr area. Her professional career and origin sound exciting and uncommon. At the same time, all stations fatefully brought her a little closer to the goals of her heart, ever closer to her true passion and fascination: manufacturing and mechanical engineering. "Clearly. I belong to mechanical engineering! Right from my first job as translator during assembly in an underground mine, I understood that I am not a humanist and that my heart beats for technology! I was so fascinated how a bunch of parts can be turned into a moving system.” So she decided quite early to stay in the manufacturing industry, namely in sales.

The adopted home Ruhr area - very similar to the hometown of Kemerovo

Her thirst for technical knowledge was aroused immediately after studying Romance and German philology at the State University in Kemerovo, Siberia. “In the 2000s, 10 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, it was the best degree programme, because all roads were open, and the faculty was in my hometown. The region was internationally regarded as lucrative, which is why I specialized as an interpreter and translator at the time. Naturally, I followed in my mother's footsteps a bit, she was a German lecturer for 40 years”, she says with a smile. Kemerovo is in the Kuzbass area, the largest coal basin in Russia, if you will, the equivalent of the Ruhr area. Born and raised in Kemerowo, it's no wonder that she feels really comfortable here in the Ruhr area.

After a short start in Germany, Siberia and mining are calling again

But in sequence. Dina Lindsay came to Germany for a year during her first degree, was a foreign language assistant at a grammar school in East Germany. In 2007 she emigrated to Germany with her mother. But less than four months later, Siberia called her again. An English manufacturer deployed her for an assembly project. There she worked as a project manager and set up a sales office, met her future husband and later moved with him to the Ruhr area. Through an internship for the university at Caterpillar, she made contact with Breuer, a mining and mechanical engineering company in Bochum, where she received a job offer. Here she was responsible for sales and project manager for projects in Russia for several years.

After studying the humanities, a degree in industrial engineering followed

Thus Dina had always kept the reference to mining technology. And because her thirst for technical knowledge was so great, she studied again, parallel to her job, completing an industrial engineering degree at the ESB Business School. Most recently she worked in the consulting area at the DMT Group. “Too few machines, too few toys. Even if the working atmosphere was very good, the urge to enter the manufacturing economy was greater”, thus her clear realisation. The offer from KAMAT came at the right time and once again the job found her. When asked what attracts Dina about KAMAT, she answers without thinking too long: “KAMAT is an owner-managed, traditional company, an internationally active medium-sized company with a very good technical product, the ideal employer for me. Here you can see the immediate results of your work and also quickly!” This is exactly why she consciously moved to the Ruhr area, it not only reminds her of her home country, but she also likes, as she says, its “hard working people”. As a salesperson, contact with people is very important to her, both internally and externally; Sales in mechanical engineering also include technical know-how, which she brings with her. A perfect match for KAMAT.

70s rock music, classical music and pinball are her passion

In her spare time Dina likes to listen to classical music, but also to rock music, and she likes to go to classical and rock concerts. But she is not only a passive music lover, she loves playing the piano herself since her childhood. Her second great passion is pinball. She and her husband have been playing competitively for 10 years, have four machines at home and Dina is even a treasurer at the pinball club. The two not only take part in international tournaments together, they also film and broadcast pinball tournaments live on their own channels on Twitch and YouTube.

The new colleague's contact details are here.

Portrait of KAMAT's new Sales Director Eastern Europe, Dina Lindsay, standing in front of KAMAT's logo.

Dina Lindsay, Sales Director Eastern Europe