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Engineering Competence for High-Pressure Applications

Innovative Solutions, thanks to Engineering Know-How

Perfect systems require completely integrated engineering: Mechanics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, control and software.


So that high-pressure plunger pumps work perfectly and reliably in the customer's application, a comprehensive engineering competence is required. The development of pump, drive and peripherals must be coordinated and their mechanical and hydraulic installation must be thought out so that the entire system delivers the high level of performance capability and reliability required. In order to guarantee this performance capability, we have combined competencies in our engineering team from the disciplines of mechanics, hydraulics, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology and automatic control and software. Our specialists work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD and CAE systems.

We combine our engineering knowledge of the construction, installation and operation of high-pressure systems, with well-founded knowledge of the sectors of our customers, and their respective processes. This competence is the experience acquired from many thousands of pump applications worldwide under the most varied conditions.

Although there are analogous application areas across industries, every application is unique: media, pressures, flow rates, as well as other requirements such as low resonance or the avoidance of pressure drops. No matter what requirements you have, our competence is to tailor our products precisely for your application

We pay just as much attention to the peripheral devices, such as frequency-converters and switchgear or the accessories, for example hydraulic valves, high-pressure cleaning accessories, rotating leadthroughs and special equipment in engineering, as to the pumps themselves. For example, frequency-converter technology: We use frequency converters for the control of electric drives. The selection of the best frequency converter is based on the requirements of the application, the plunger pump, its drive motor and the on-site available voltage. With software developed specifically for the application, we can control the rotational speed of the drive steplessly between 10% and 100%. Thus the pump can be precisely controlled to match the situation, and possibly integrated into an existing automatic control.

Check out the competence of our engineering and be convinced.