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Operational startup-capable High-Pressure Systems

High-Pressure Systems from KAMAT: Turnkey


We supply complete high-pressure systems: From the mobile system of 15 kW, through to the stationary system with several megawatts of installed power.


KAMAT started as a pure component manufacturer supplying high-pressure pumps and later hydraulic valves, rotating leadthroughs and high-pressure accessories, we have continued to develop into a system supplier with a comprehensive performance spectrum: Many of our customers require turnkey systems. Our product extends from the small laboratory systems with 2,000 bar and 15 kW, up to descaling systems with 8.8 MW of installed power. Further system examples are explosion-proof water hydraulic systems, diesel-driven pipeline testing systems, explosion-proof and diesel-operated systems for the conveyance of methanol, as well as complete test rigs and pump houses for the hydraulics industry. In addition, there are systems which are only indirectly involved with high-pressure technology: The liquids which our high-pressure systems pump must be manufactured, monitored and corrected. These fluid-analysis systems are almost always customer-specific and are developed and supplied exactly the same by KAMAT - also explosion-proof.

Turnkey high-pressure systems require a precise knowledge of the requirements and processes of the customer. Therefore a kick-off meeting is held at the beginning of the project, in which we establish the most important parameters, and on that basis we generate the concept. The advantage: This early integration enables us to integrate our experience into the first phases of the project and to support the customer in the generation of the specifications. In this way we can help to integrate the system safely into larger systems. Until the operational startup, KAMAT takes over all work as general contractor and engineering company.