Today is the day, where we at KAMAT, have to say goodbye to most long-time employee Manfred Krampe. He spent 33 years working at KAMAT and had become a very essential member of the KAMAT family.

Manfred Krampe started his career as  a metal worker and worked his way up to be the supervisor of our service department. His founded knowledge of our technology, accumulated over time, made him one of our most appreciated specialist for the construction of process and other special pumps. His competence and commitment have made him irreplaceable for us.

He has also become a very loved member of KAMAT by his colleagues. He always made a great effort to be approachable by everyone and helped everybody when asked to. His camaraderie was appreciated by everyone lucky enough to share the workplace with him.

Manfred Krampe has now decided to move on and will start his partial retirement. He will now be employed part time, sharing his knowledge and experience when needed. The continuous availability of him and his knowledge will be immensely important for us at KAMAT.

The KAMAT GmbH & CO. KG says thank you. His loyalty and commitment for the company have been second to none and, although we are sorry to lose you as a full time colleague, wish you the very best for your retirement and what else there is to come in the future.