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Pump Finder

On this site, KAMAT supports you with an online product selector in your search for high-pressure pumps and accessories for your current project. With the pump finder you will quickly find the right KAMAT high-pressure plunger pump you need for your industrial application in just a few steps. To get the best result using the pump finder, all you need is to fill in the white boxes with all the required characteristics such as input speed, pressure (bar) and flow rate (l/min.) for your project, select the industries for the needed application and answer the question if API 674 conformity is needed. An overview of all pumps which fulfil your requirements will be shown by clicking „SHOW PUMPS“. By using the online pump finder, pumps can be specified at any time or place by using common handheld devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Next to the pump finder there is also a nozzle calculating programme in the website’s navigation.