Industrial pressure washing with high-pressure pumps by KAMAT

KAMAT is setting new standards in the challenging field of industrial pressure washing. Our advanced high-pressure washing systems combine performance and precision to meet the diverse requirements of industrial cleaning tasks.

From the removal of stubborn soiling in heavy industry to the gentle cleaning of sensitive surfaces, our pressure washers not only deliver excellent results, but also set new standards in terms of environmental protection and energy efficiency. Our systems are specially designed to combine maximum cleaning power with minimum environmental impact by saving water and energy while achieving optimum washing results.

KAMAT Mobile pump unit for high-pressure cleaning

Cleaning with high-pressure water – with outstanding results for industry

Using a water jet for pressure washing offers numerous advantages.

  • The water jet used for industrial washing adapts perfectly to any profile and therefore always delivers perfect cleaning results, regardless of the nature of the surface.
  • The ability to adjust the pressure allows extremely gentle cleaning, so that even sensitive surfaces can be freed from stubborn dirt.
  • Cleaning with water enables environmentally friendly processing of surfaces with no need for aggressive chemicals

KAMAT is the expert for industrial pressure washing

KAMAT specialises in pressure washing and offers turnkey, mobile and stationary systems, including the necessary water tools. Our many years of experience enable us to effectively solve a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Whether it’s cleaning pipes and sewers, jetting, cleaning tanks from graffiti or cleaning runways – we have the right solution for every requirement.

Almost half a century of expertise in high-pressure technology – our quality claim:

  • Standardised pumps and systems with fast availability
  • Customised product development for your specific requirements
  • High-quality and durable workmanship for long-lasting performance
  • Products with low maintenance requirements for efficient use
  • Expert advice and excellent service

Compact and powerful solutions for jetting and more

Our mobile unit, the K100-3 pump, is a small powerhouse in water jetting technology and ideally suited for industrial cleaning work with high-pressure water. Weighing just 25 kg, it is extremely compact and mobile. It is ideal for use in jetting, paint stripping, rust removal and graffiti removal. The K100-3 is often used as a complete mobile unit including electric, diesel or petrol drive and control unit.

Detailaufnahme einer KAMAT Spritzpistole im Einsatz bei der Enschichtung einer Schiffswand, ein Anwender steht auf einem Kran und hält die Pistole an die Schiffswand, Wasserstrahlen kommen aus einer Düse und treffen auf eine rostige Oberfläche.

Discover the benefits of industrial pressure washing

The use of high-pressure water jets for cleaning is an extremely effective and gentle method of removing even stubborn dirt from surfaces. Adjusting the pressure enables gentle cleaning that is also suitable for sensitive surfaces. On the other hand, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning method, as no chemical cleaning agents are required that could be released into the environment and pollute it.

At KAMAT you will find a wide range of powerful and compact solutions for jetting and more to effectively solve your cleaning tasks.

Possible cleaning applications

  • Pipe and sewer cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Jetting
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Fishnet cleaning
  • Filter cloth cleaning
  • Removing floor marking paint
  • Well cleaning
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Aircraft runway cleaning
  • Graffiti removal

Applications in High-Pressure Cleaning

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Pipe and Sewer Cleaning
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Runway Cleaning