Hydrodemolition: Targeted removal of concrete with high-pressure pump systems

Waterjet technology: The key to efficient and low-noise concrete Renovation

Construction noise is not only unpleasant for workers but also for the people living in the vicinity of a construction site. While it may be inevitable to a certain extent, there are methods available to significantly reduce it. One such method is the use of high-pressure water jets. Employing high-pressure water jets or hydroblasting proves to be an efficient and low-noise technique for removing concrete surfaces during renovation projects. This method offers a clear advantage over mechanical methods like using jackhammers, especially in inhabited structures that are sensitive to dust and vibrations. However, there are further reasons that speak in favor of using high-pressure water jets for concrete removal:

Vibration-free operation

By utilizing high-pressure water jets, we not only achieve a significant reduction in noise emissions but also avoid generating structural vibrations. Buildings remain stable, and workers are not subjected to the intense shaking caused by jackhammers. The absence of vibrations helps prevent potential micro-cracks in the remaining concrete components.

Precision in action

High-pressure water jets, equipped with specialized nozzles, enable safe and precise concrete removal. We can efficiently eliminate weak or deteriorated concrete while leaving the reinforcement undamaged. Water jets with pressures of up to 3,000 bar allow for effective rust removal from the reinforcement, achieving a surface preparation grade of Sa 2.

The advantages speak for themselves

When it comes to concrete removal, high-pressure water jets offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Reduced noise: The low-noise operation of high-pressure water jets ensures a more comfortable and less disruptive work environment, both for workers and those nearby.
  • Vibration minimization: The absence of vibrations during concrete removal helps maintain the structural integrity of buildings and prevents the formation of micro-cracks.
  • Precise and safe: High-pressure water jets deliver precise and controlled concrete removal, allowing for the quick elimination of weak or deteriorated areas without damaging the reinforcement.
  • Rust removal: The powerful water jets effectively remove rust from the reinforcement, ensuring its longevity and maintaining structural stability.

Choose high-pressure water jets for optimal concrete removal

In conclusion, high-pressure water jets stand as the ideal choice for efficient and low-noise concrete removal. By utilizing this advanced technology, construction projects can proceed smoothly, with minimal noise disturbance and reduced environmental impact. Embrace the precision and benefits of high-pressure water jets and experience superior concrete removal results while maintaining the structural integrity of your buildings.

Mood Picture concrete renovation. It is a picture of a disturbed concrete wall.

Concrete renovation with high-pressure water technology: best practice example of a skyscraper’s renovation

A KAMAT customer applied the high-pressure water technology with a KAMAT high-pressure pump system in case of a 17-floor multi-story building in Milan, in order to simultaneously eliminate a thick epoxy coating and defective concrete. The concrete upgrading on this building had become necessary after water had penetrated through too little concrete cover to the reinforcing steel, the steel or these reinforcing bars then increased in volume due to corrosion and had fractured the concrete. Despite the high pressure, the special KAMAT nozzles enabled a fine water jet for very precise treatment with little water flow, even very close to windows, expansion joints, antennas, cables, etc., without damaging them.

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