Core removal of castings and workpieces by means of high-pressure water jet

In every casting process, the cast workpieces and products are contaminated with residues from the mold or cavities of the same are even completely filled in the casting. These residues not only make thorough cleaning difficult, but also affect the quality of the final product.

Decoring of castings by water jet is an effective and environmentally friendly method of removing mold cores from molds and cleaning castings. Compared to other methods, such as the use of sandblasting or chemical decoring agents, waterjet decoring offers several advantages.

Coring and cleaning castings using a water jet

Effective core removal using KAMAT high-pressure technology

Waterjet decoring is a non-abrasive method that does not release particles or harmful chemicals. This means that the method is environmentally friendly and safe.

How does core removal with a high-pressure jet work?

The water jet is directed at the molds under high pressure, flushing out the mold core. The mold remains undamaged and can be used for further casting processes.

Advantages of decoring with high pressure water jet

Decoring with high-pressure water jets is particularly advantageous for complex castings with fine structures. This is because conventional cleaning methods can quickly reach their limits here and it is difficult to remove all residues. With the high-pressure water jet method, even hard-to-reach places can be reached without damaging the castings.

Overall, decoring castings using water jetting is an effective and versatile method that offers several advantages. It is environmentally friendly, precise, fast and saves time and costs. Therefore, waterjet decoring is becoming increasingly popular and is likely to become an important part of the casting industry in the future.

KAMAT is a reliable supplier of high pressure technology specialized in the needs of waterjet decoring of castings and workpieces. With its wide range of products, efficiency, durability and excellent customer service, KAMAT is an excellent choice for companies looking for a high pressure solution for decoring.

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