High-pressure deburring – a powerful solution for burr removal on complex structures

To industrial users the usage of water jets has long been known to be a competent solution for the trimming and removal of burrs from any structure. Especially, when deburring complex structures, the water becomes the superior tool to the usual and conventional mechanical procedures.

What are the advantages of high-pressure deburring with a water jet compared to conventional methods?

The high-pressure water jet is used to remove precisely left over burrs after mechanical fabrication. Even hard to reach locations such as intersecting bores and complex geometrical edges can be cleaned precisely without the risk of harming the product.

An additional bonus of the water jet is that during the deburring process, the object is already being cleared of any dirt and dust. Adhering dirt such as metal dust, coolant residues or flutter burrs can be removed with the precise water jet.

A close-up picture of deburring a pump head housing

Removal of burrs from 3D-models possible without any problems

We are also experiencing an increase of relevance of water jet deburring in the 3D printing industry. Water jets are highly suitable for the removal of support structures and burrs created on 3-D models by various printing methods – and so, even from small series or individual pieces. This is especially important as burrs on 3D printed parts can affect dimensional accuracy and even cause malfunctions.

Water jet deburring: makes ecological and economic sense


Water jet deburring offers numerous advantages, such as high precision, flexibility and fast processing speed. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional deburring processes as it does not use any harmful chemicals or abrasive materials.

If you want to improve the quality of your products and increase safety in the workplace, then you should consider water jet deburring. It is a powerful and effective solution for deburring complex structures. Contact us and let us help you achieve the best possible result.

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