Industrial surface treatment with high-pressure water

KAMAT’s high-pressure technology provides ideal high-pressure solutions for a wide variety of surface treatments such as cleaning, decoating, derusting, degreasing, ablation or even for creating a specific surface structure. The surfaces of base materials such as stone, concrete or metal can be treated efficiently and gently with high-pressure water and the coating to be removed can be stripped without damaging the base material.

Detailaufnahme einer KAMAT Spritzpistole im Einsatz bei der Enschichtung einer Schiffswand, ein Anwender steht auf einem Kran und hält die Pistole an die Schiffswand, Wasserstrahlen kommen aus einer Düse und treffen auf eine rostige Oberfläche.

Surface treatment – environmentally friendly and efficient decoating with high-pressure water

Decoating using high-pressure pumps doesn’t involve chemical solvents, unlike traditional surface treatment methods. This is safer for both the environment and the user’s health, as it avoids handling hazardous chemicals and emitting harmful vapours. Additionally, the water jet is very precise, making it suitable for delicate machining tasks.

Decoating large surfaces and coatings quickly and efficiently with high-pressure water

Another advantage of water jet surface treatment or decoating with water jets is the possibility to treat large surfaces of different coatings quickly and effectively. Not only are our high-pressure container units and aggregates as well as our mobile KamJet ideally suited for this purpose, but we also have the necessary accessories such as surface cleaners, high-pressure guns and rotary nozzles. Our surface cleaners are particularly suitable for fast and gentle cleaning of ship hulls, runways and many other large surfaces.

How does decoating by high-pressure technology work?

The process of decoating with high-pressure technology is based on the use of water that is sprayed under high pressure through a nozzle onto the layer to be processed. The pressure can be up to 4000 bar. It ensures that the water has a very high kinetic energy. By using special high-pressure nozzles, the water jet can also be bundled or atomised.

Depending on the requirements and material properties of the layer to be removed, the water jetting can also be enriched with various additives such as sand or granulate. This can enable even more effective processing.

KAMAT as supplier of high-pressure technology

KAMAT is a skilled maker of full surface treatment systems. We provide personalized options for eco-friendly decoating that are efficient and compact. Our systems can be tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements, and we offer high-pressure nozzles and other high-pressure jetting tools to ensure optimal water jets for the surfaces and materials being removed.

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