Precise cuts – without thermal alteration of the cut edges

In the production of parts in companies, precise cuts are always required to create exact shapes. Waterjet cutting is one way to effectively carry out this process. The waterjet generated by KAMAT high-pressure pumps also cuts materials that may be highly flammable and are not suitable for an alternative thermal cutting process.

Last but not least, a major advantage of the waterjet is that it does not introduce heat into the workpiece and thus does not manipulate the properties of the material.

Waterjet cutting is conomical and environmentally friendly thanks to energy efficiency

Industrial waterjet cutting does not require heat. As a result, this process ends up saving energy costs and thus offers high energy efficiency.

Wasserstrahlschneiden mit Hochdruckwasser auf einer glatten Oberfläche.

How does waterjet cutting work?

In water cutting, a jet of water is directed at a surface at high pressure, which produces the desired cuts by removing material. The most important factors affecting the cutting performance are the water pressure, the diameter of the nozzle and the nozzle distance to the material. The higher the pressure, the greater the cutting depth and cutting performance. A waterjet can also contain abrasive materials like sand or shell fragments to facilitate the cutting process.

To generate the fine water jet, nozzles with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters and a water pressure of up to 3,000 bar are used in addition to high-pressure pumps. During cutting, a feed device moves the water jet at a specific speed and at a desired distance along the cutting line.

Lean cut of various materials due to supersonic speed

It is important in industrial waterjet cutting of various materials such as concrete, metal, stone, marble, etc. that the high-pressure pumps and high-pressure nozzles convert the pressure into a constant water jet. This water jet hits the workpiece at supersonic speed and produces a clean smooth cut with minimal cutting gaps.

We are experts in waterjet cutting:

KAMAT brings many years of experience to this application with its own pump units and aggregate components for work with and without abrasives.

Do you have any questions about the process? Our experts will be happy to help you.

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