High-pressure cleaning with high-pressure plunger pumps from KAMAT

Cleaning with high-pressure water – with outstanding results for industries

Using a high-pressure water jet for cleaning offers numerous advantages. The water jet used for industrial cleaning adapts perfectly to any profile and thus always delivers flawless cleaning results, regardless of the nature of the surface. The ability to adjust the pressure makes it possible to clean extremely gently, so that even sensitive surfaces can be freed from stubborn dirt.

KAMAT as an expert for high-pressure cleaning

KAMAT is the specialist for high-pressure cleaning and offers turnkey, mobile and stationary systems including the necessary high-pressure jetting tools. Our years of experience enable us to effectively solve a wide variety of cleaning tasks. Whether it is cleaning pipes and sewers, jetting, tank cleaning or cleaning runways – we have the right solution for every requirement.

Compact and powerful solutions for jetting and more

Our mobile unit, with the K100-3 pump, is a small powerhouse in water jetting technology and ideally suited for cleaning work with high-pressure water. Weighing only 25 kg, it is extremely compact and mobile. It is ideally suited for use in jetting, paint stripping and rust removal. The high-pressure triplex plunger pump K100-3 is often used as a complete mobile unit including electric, diesel or petrol drive and control unit.

Discover the advantages of jetting

Using high-pressure water jets for cleaning is an extremely effective and gentle method of removing even stubborn dirt from surfaces. Adjusting the pressure enables gentle cleaning, which is also suitable for sensitive surfaces. On the other hand, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning method, as no chemical cleaning agents are required that could get into the environment and thus pollute it.

At KAMAT you will find a wide range of powerful and compact solutions for jetting and more to effectively solve your cleaning tasks.

KAMAT Mobile pump unit for high-pressure cleaning

Applications for high-pressure cleaning

How does high-pressure cleaning work?

High-pressure water jetting is an effective method of removing stubborn dirt from a variety of surfaces. Four variables play a key role: flow rate, pump pressure, spray distance and spray angle. In this article we will take a closer look at these parameters and explain how they affect the effectiveness of the pressure washer.

Influencing variables and their importance:

1. flow rate:

The flow rate of the pressure washer determines the amount of water delivered per unit of time. A higher flow rate results in a rapid increase in impact pressure. It also makes it easier to remove dirt, as less water is sprayed over a greater distance. However, it is important to adjust the flow rate according to the type of dirt and the area to be cleaned.

2. pump pressure:

The pump pressure determines the pressure at which water is expelled from the pressure washer. A higher pump pressure results in a higher impact force of the water jet on the surface. This impact pressure is essential for effective cleaning. By adjusting the pump pressure you can control the cleaning effect.

3. spray distance:

The spray distance is the distance between the high pressure nozzle and the surface to be cleaned. A recommended spray distance is between 10 and 30 cm. It is important to adjust the distance as the pressure decreases rapidly with distance. Too short a spray distance can cause damage, while too long a distance can reduce the cleaning effect.

4. spray angle:

The spray angle of the water jet also affects the cleaning effect. The spray angle should be adjusted according to the degree of soiling. Stubborn dirt requires an angle of 0-25°, medium dirt 25-50° and light dirt 50-80°. Selecting the correct spray angle can improve cleaning efficiency.

Mechanical high-pressure water cleaning is an effective method for removing stubborn dirt. The cleaning effect can be controlled by adjusting the flow rate, pump pressure, spray distance and spray angle. Optimum spray pressure is essential for thorough cleaning of various surfaces. However, it is important to observe safety regulations and to use the pressure washer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Applications in High-Pressure Cleaning

Pipe and Sewer Cleaning
Runway Cleaning