Ultra high-pressure cleaning with high-pressure pumps from KAMAT

Exceptional cleaning results with high-pressure jetting

Cleaning with a high-pressure jet comes with many advantages. The jet used for industrial cleaning is extremely versatile in its characteristics. It automatically adapts to the profile of the surface while the variation in pressure ensures for gentle cleaning process. The jet can even be used to remove contaminations that are harder than the surface worked on, without damaging it.

KAMAT as a supplier for all cleaning applications

KAMAT is a specialist in the field of high-pressure jetting, supplying turnkey high-pressure units and the water tools needed for all thinkable jobs. Our expertise includes decades of industrial cleaning in many industries like the cleaning of pipes, surface jetting, tank cleaning, runway cleaning, cleaning of heat-exchangers and many many more.

Pump K100-3 as a mobile unit – small powerhouse in water jet technology for industrial high-pressure cleaning

Our smallest pump K100-3 with a weight of only 25 kg is ideally suited for jetting, paint stripping and rust removal; compact and, above all, mobile. It is often used as a complete mobile unit including electric, diesel or petrol drive and control unit.

KAMAT Mobile pump unit for high-pressure cleaning

Applications for High Pressure Cleaning

Applications in High-Pressure Cleaning

Pipe and Sewer Cleaning
Runway Cleaning