Efficient Pumps for the Descaling of Steel

With KAMAT descalingpumps, slabs and billets in rolling mills can be efficiently descaled hydromechanically. A descaling pump is a specialized type of high-pressure pump used to remove scale from steel and iron.

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Areas of Application for Descaling Pumps

With the annealing of steel, oxygen reacts with iron on the hot metal surface. Iron oxides, so-called scale, arise. This has to be removed, for example in case of steel slabs or billets, through descaling. If the scale were to remain on the metal surface, it would be rolled into the steel in the subsequent rolling processes. This would have a significantly negative influence on the steel quality, so that certain parameters are not capable of being achieved, such as a predetermined strength with the finished product. The prices which a steelworks can achieve for its products on the international market are in line with the quality and purity of the steel so scale removal is imperative.

Trend in descaling is towards higher pressures with simultaneous water volume reduction. In case of longer annealing processes with higher temperatures, mixed oxides can also form from the alloying elements in the steel, as well as the iron oxides. This form of scale adheres far more strongly to the surface. Hydromechanical descaling by means of high-pressure water offers the possibility, by means of the adjustment of the pressure matched to the respective material, of guaranteeing optimal descaling. Generally there is a trend towards descaling with higher pressures up to 400 bar. This increased pressure allows a simultaneous reduction in the quantity of water used.

Reduction in the quantity of water used, reduces the cooling effect on the steel, and reduces the energy used to supply and filter the water. With KAMAT descaling pumps, this optimal descaling balance can be achieved. Water containing scale particles can be pumped easily by KAMAT pumps. As KAMAT pumps are reciprocating plunger pumps, the energy efficiency is unbeatable compared to dynamic pumps like centrifugal pumps.

Benefits of Using High-Pressure Descaling Pumps

Our descaling pumps feature robust construction and are equipped with advanced technology to handle high-pressure requirements effectively. Key specifications include adjustable pressure settings, high flow rates, and compatibility with various descaling chemicals and water types.

High-pressure descaling plunger pumps deliver significant advantages in industrial maintenance, directly impacting operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Here are some key benefits:

  • ImprovedSystemEfficiency: By removing scale deposits effectively, these pumps enhance the heat transfer efficiency of machinery, crucial for maintaining optimal operational levels in industrial settings.
  • Lower Running Cost: Compared to other pump technologies the energy efficiency, especially at higher descaling pressures, is much higher. Often the return of invest time is very short, just counting the cost of electrical energy to run the pumps.
  • ReducedDowntime: Regular use of descaling pumps in maintenance routines minimizes the likelihood of equipment failures and unscheduled downtime, ensuring continuous production and reduced interruption.
  • ExtendedEquipmentLifespan: The effective removal of corrosive deposits and prevention of scale buildup prolongs the lifespan of critical machinery, thereby safeguarding your investment.
  • CostSavings: Enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime lead to considerable savings in operational and maintenance costs. Efficient descaling also means less frequent replacements and repairs.
  • PrecisioninMaintenance: Advanced features like adjustable pressure settings allow for precise control during the descaling process, minimizing the risk of damage to sensitive components and ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • EnvironmentalImpact: By maintaining equipment efficiency through effective scale removal, these pumps help reduce the overall energy consumption and carbon footprint of industrial operations.

Descaling Pumps – Case Study

KAMAT has established itself as a competent pump and valve manufacturer in many large rolling mills worldwide. For a large Indian rolling mill for example, a pump system was supplied with an installed overall capacity of 8,800 kW. In total it involved 16 pumps of the type K55000, which were combined to eight stations of two 550 kW pumps each.

Descaling of Billets in Roller Mills Application Report PDF Icon 346.5 KB
Roll Adjustmentt in Steel Mills Application Report PDF Icon 419.7 KB

Why Choose KAMAT’s High-Pressure Descaling Pumps?

Decades of Proven Expertise

With 50 years of experience in high-pressure pump technology, KAMAT has established itself as a trusted provider in the industry. This extensive history is a testament to our ability to deliver superior solutions consistently across various applications, including industrial descaling and steel descaling pumps.

German Engineering Excellence

KAMAT’s products are developed and manufactured in Germany, synonymous with quality and precision engineering. This assures our customers that they are investing in high-pressure plunger pumps that are not only reliable but also incorporate cutting-edge technology to handle the most demanding tasks.

Versatility Across Industries

Our expertise spans multiple industries, making our descaling pumps ideal for a wide range of applications, from heavy machinery cleaning to maintenance of intricate processing equipment. KAMAT’s adaptability ensures that we offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of industries like steel production, where robust and efficient steel descaling pumps are crucial.

Worldwide Support and Service

KAMAT’s global presence means that we provide exceptional worldwide product support, ensuring that our customers receive timely and effective assistance, no matter their location. This extensive network is vital for maintaining the uptime of our industrial pumps and ensuring continuous operational efficiency.

By opting for KAMAT’s descaling solutions, companies benefit from our heritage of innovation, commitment to quality, and comprehensive support. Our high-pressure descaling pumps are not just products but partnerships that foster smoother operations, significant cost savings, and enhanced productivity in any industrial setting.

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