Mining Pumps and High-Pressure Pump Systems in Underground Mining

Seeking dependable solutions to address the rigorous demands of the mining sector? Explore our exceptional array of high-quality mining pumps at KAMAT. Hydraulic shield operation or dust control: KAMAT high -pressure technology combines enormous performance with high availability. Mining brings with it many increased demands on high-pressure pumps.

With the increasing face length and greater depth of working there is a correspondingly increase in ground pressure that must be borne by the hydraulic shields.

Hydraulic working pressure and cylinder diameters of the shields therefore increase. At the same time, the speed of the extraction machines is being increased, which requires a faster movement of the shields. All in all, high demands on the performance of the hydraulic stations used are created.

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KAMAT’s Mining Pumps: Customised High-Pressure Units for Mining

Our specially developed frequency converter systems enable finely controlled pump operation. KAMAT’s pump units for mining provide the necessary volume of hydraulic emulsion, with the required pressure reliably with high availability. We ensure this using several constructive measures that are based on decades of worldwideexperience in mining – especially in the USA, Australia, Russia and China. Our positive displacement pumps have been developed for different areas of application – from the large hydraulic station to dust fighting with spray water – with an output of up to 800 kW and for up to 3500 bar in continuous operation. Pressure fluctuations due to the length of the supply lines or due to a changing speed of mining operations are easily and reliably compensated for by controlling the pump speeds: With our specially developed frequency converter control, our plunger pumps can be driven between 10 % and 100 % speed. In order for this to be possible, we have designed our gearboxes, among other things, with a suitable lubrication at low speeds.

KAMAT’s Mining Pumps in action: pump systems, that only require one frequency converter

A classic mining station has three high -pressure pumps. Due to our frequency converter control with a 90 percent bandwidth, we are able to regulate the entire pump system with just 1 frequency-controlled master pump: the two other pumps are only switched on or switched off as required, the master pump regulates the remaining volume flow. The enormous advantage: With our system, only one frequency converter is necessary – the investment costs are therefore extremely reduced. Our high -pressure pumps are used in central hydraulic stations for the supply of complete mines as well as in stations that supply individual longwalls with hydraulic fluid. Another plus is that all of our pump models can also be operated vertically, so that they can also be vertically arranged in space.

KAMAT maritime under water high-pressure unit as a sub-sea pump solution

Mining Station

Unlock Maximum Efficiency in Mining: Explore KAMAT’s Advanced Pump Solutions

KAMAT’s mining pumps are designed to handle the rigorous demands of underground mining environments, offering powerful performance and high availability. These pumps are engineered to manage increased ground pressures due to deeper and longer mine workings, supporting efficient hydraulic shield operations and dust control.

Benefits of KAMAT’s Mining Pumps:

  • HighPerformance: Tailored for underground mining’s tough conditions, ensuring reliable operation.
  • AdjustablePressureControl: Features frequency converter systems for precise speed adjustments from 10 % to 100 %, optimizing performance across various conditions.
  • CostEfficiency: The need for only one frequency converter for multiple pumps reduces initial investment costs.
  • DurableConstruction: Gearboxes designed for low-speed operations enhance longevity and robustness in challenging environments.
  • VersatileApplications: Ideal for hydraulic shield support and dust control, improving safety and productivity in mining operations.

Mining Pumps for Every Challenge

In the mining industry, a variety of pump types are essential for efficient and safe operations. KAMAT is specialized on the development, production and sale of high-pressure pumps:

  • High-Pressure Pumps: Designed for applications requiring high discharge pressures, ideal for dust suppression and hydraulic lifts.
  • Dewatering Pumps: Capable of handling high flow rates to efficiently manage water in mining pits and underground spaces.
  • Slurry Pumps: Built to transport a mixture of water and solids, ensuring smooth operations in ore transport and waste management.
  • Lubrication Pumps: Essential for maintaining the proper functioning of mining machinery by providing reliable lubrication.
  • Transfer Pumps: Used for moving fluids from one location to another, crucial for fuel and water management on site.
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