Possibilities for adaptation of our high-pressure pumps and systems

The modular construction of our high-pressure systems allows us to pump varying fluids at varying pressures and flow rates.

KAMAT pumps and systems can be deployed in almost any industrial application: may it be hydraulic, pumping of fluids, jetting, descaling or pressure testing. The wide array of possibilities is based on our modular system and enables us to optimize every piece of equipment for its application.

An overview over the possibilities of alteration in specification of our systems can be found below. It shows all our pump types and the spread of pressures, flowrates and input power they can achieve in one simple data table. The measurement units can be changed too.

If you happen to not find a pump covering your desired performance range, simply contact us and we will come back to you with a suitable solution to your task at hand.

Individual and made-to-measure high-pressure solutions are what we are best at!

KAMAT highpressure green pump details picture of five plungers in the pump head carrier
One can see an info graphic with a scale of kamat pump power input with figures concerning max. pressure and flow rates of all KAMAT plunger pumps
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Pos. Pump Group max. bar max. psi max. l/min max. us-gpm max. imp-gpm max. bbl/h max. kw max. hp max. kg max. lbs
1K100-32000 29008 6,8NaNNaNNaN1520.42555.1 » K100-3
2K4500-33000 43511 23261.351.087.64561.2195429.9 » K4500-3
3K8000-3G2950 42786 28374.862.3106.875102.0250551.2 » K8000-3G
4K9000-3G3100 44962 28374.862.3106.890122.4255562.2 » K9000-3G
5K11000-3G2760 40030 454119.999.9171.3110149.6425937.0 » K11000-3G
6K18000-3G3500 50763 522137.9114.8197.0180244.7440970.0 » K18000-3G
7K25000-3G3200 46412 1148303.3252.5433.2250339.99652127.5 » K25000-3G
8K45000-3G3500 50763 1310346.1288.2494.4450611.813602998.3 » K45000-3G
9K55000-5G3500 50763 1913505.4420.8721.9550747.822004850.2 » K55000-5G
10K100000-5G3500 50763 3482919.8765.91314.110001359.636508046.9 » K100000-5G
11K150000-5G3500 50763 46771235.51028.81765.015002039.4750016534.7 » K150000-5G