KAMAT offers plunger pumps in various performance classes for a wide range of applications. This ensures that you have access to the optimum solution, enabling you to operate in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner. Explore the wide range of options in our comprehensive overview and find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Pos. Pump Group max. bar max. psi max. l/min max. us-gpm max. imp-gpm max. bbl/h max. kw max. hp max. kg max. lbs
1K100-32000 29008 6,8NaNNaNNaN1520.42555.1 » K100-3
2K4500-33000 43511 23261.351.087.64561.2195429.9 » K4500-3
3K8000-3G2950 42786 28374.862.3106.875102.0250551.2 » K8000-3G
4K9000-3G3100 44962 28374.862.3106.890122.4255562.2 » K9000-3G
5K11000-3G2760 40030 454119.999.9171.3110149.6425937.0 » K11000-3G
6K18000-3G3500 50763 522137.9114.8197.0180244.7440970.0 » K18000-3G
7K25000-3G3200 46412 1148303.3252.5433.2250339.99652127.5 » K25000-3G
8K45000-3G3500 50763 1310346.1288.2494.4450611.813602998.3 » K45000-3G
9K55000-5G3500 50763 1913505.4420.8721.9550747.822004850.2 » K55000-5G
10K100000-5G3500 50763 3482919.8765.91314.110001359.636508046.9 » K100000-5G
11K150000-5G3500 50763 46771235.51028.81765.015002039.4750016534.7 » K150000-5G

KAMAT pump performance list: Comprehensive overview of all plunger pumps

The modularity of KAMAT plunger pumps allows for pumping various fluids at variable operating pressures.

KAMAT plunger pumps and pumping systems can be used in almost every industrial sector, whether it’s hydraulics, fluid transportation, jetting, descaling, scale removal, or pressure testing. The wide range of high-pressure applications is rooted in the modularity and variable operating pressures. KAMAT pumps and accessories are specifically optimized for each specific application.

Our modular design ensures flexible adaptation of the pumps to changing requirements. An overview of our pump types with technical specifications for maximum flow rates, operating pressures, and performance can be seen in the summary table here. The practical aspect of the table is that you can choose between different international units of measurement.

Even if a desired pump is not initially available in our portfolio, we will find the suitable solution for every project.

Unlock a world of endless potential with our cutting-edge high-pressure pumps and -systems. Experience the power of customization tailored to meet the unique demands of your industrial applications.

Delivering individual and customized high-pressure solutions – that’s what we can do!

Plunger of a quintuplex plunger pump from KAMAT
performance tabel of the KAMAT plunger pumps portfolio