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Industries with Water Hydraulics and High-Pressure Applications

Reliable and process-secure High-Pressure Systems

In the chemical, oil, gas, mining, industrial cleaning or other industries: KAMAT is at home where high-pressure technology is in demand.

Over decades we have established ourselves in different industries with a simple concept: Simplicity, flexibility and reliability. All three factors are particularly relevant for the sectors of the chemical, oil and gas industry, mining as well as industrial cleaning sectors. We achieve simplicity through modular design, common spare parts strategy and simplest maintenance. For this purpose, flexibility by means of different performance types, their exact control, as well as their adaptation to unusual media by means of special materials. And reliability, because our products were developed specially for the respective applications and are produced precisely with this aspect in mind: So that your operating processes run dependably.


Mining Hydraulics: Reliable, high Flow Systems

Long faces and deep mining regions, as well as high removal speed, require a large volume flow as well as constant pressure in the hydraulic system. We ensure this with cleverly-combined pump systems. More

Water Hydraulics as a powerful Drive

For hydraulic presses and forges, water hydraulics produce a powerful drive which furthermore meets strict requirements on fire protection, as well as environmental-protection. More

Trouble-free Conveyance of chemical Media such as Ammonia

KAMAT process pumps safely convey aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold and corrosive media in the chemical industry, as well as in the oil and gas extraction sector.


Oil & Gas Industry: Demanding Media well in Hand

For KAMAT process pump - everyday life in the oil and gas industry: The pumping of drilling slurries, the employment for cuttings re-injection or for hydraulic fracking and the transport of drillings.


Jetting: Efficient Water Tool

Whether cleaning, coating-removal, paint-removal: In our wide product spectrum you can find the pump system which fits your requirements perfectly. More