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Process Pumps for the Oil and Gas Industry

High-Pressure Pumps for sensitive Media, also with Solids Content

Safely pump sensitive media, such as drilling fluid or drillings, in the oil and gas industry.

High-pressure processes in the oil and gas industry require special solutions of pump technology when sensitive fluids are to be pumped. These can be aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold, explosive, toxic or corrosive fluids. For such applications, we have developed special high-pressure pumps. In addition, we supply special pumps for pumping of drilling slurries, for cuttings re-injection or for hydraulic fracking, and even the transport of drilling debris is admissible with special KAMAT sealing systems. One of the most frequent applications for our high-pressure pumps in the oil and gas industry is the re-injection of water.

Our modern, high-pressure plunger pumps transport fluids of the most varied type with a very high efficiency. The modular construction design, combined with the wide spectrum of materials, enables us to manufacture pumps for special fields of application at a realistic cost, without requiring minimum quantities. The employment of special materials, including nickel based alloys for the parts in contact with water, is the state of the art for us. Thus we offer high-pressure pumps which pump media with viscosities up to 2,000 mPas; solid matter can contain up to 0.35 mm particles. For abrasive media, we have developed special valve and seal constructions, also we offer standard pumps for fluid and ambient temperatures to -50°C and +200°C. We can often fulfill the special standards required in the oil and gas industry as a matter of course, where for example all KAMAT high-pressure pump are available in accordance with ATEX (explosion protection) or API674.

In addition, we have special competence in the pressure testing of pipes, pressure vessels and pipelines: With our engineering know-how we build systems to match exactly to the test case. An example is a virtual 9-cylinder pump patented by us for pipeline stress tests.