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High-Pressure Cleaning

Cleaning, Removal of Paint, or other Coatings, with High-Pressure Technology

Jetting commonly used in many industries: It is used in every case where steel surfaces are to be cleaned.

Cleaning, or the removal of paint or other coatings: Typical fields of application for jetting are the inside and outside cleaning of industrial containers, equipment, pipework and conduits, as well as the cleaning of heat exchangers, ship's hulls and airport runways. Jetting is suitable for all conceivable cleaning work, due to its very simple and efficient use of water as a tool: The extremely high speed of the water, with the associated impact force, enables jetting to be employed both for cleaning large surface areas in industrial high-pressure cleaning and for precise, dust-free cutting.

Our wide product spectrum enables us to configure the plunger pumps, as well as the accessories, exactly for your task: Typically 300 bar suffices for simple surface cleaning, but around 2,000 bar is required for paint removal. The critical pressure indicates how much pressure is required for the respective cleaning task. When this is achieved, the cleaning rate is increased by increasing the volume being delivered. The modular design of our high-pressure pumps offers our customers the flexibility to match the pressure and flow required, through simple modifications to our pump systems.

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