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Mining High-Pressure Pumps and Hydraulic Stations

KAMAT Hydraulic Stations in Mining: Large volume Flow at constant Pressure for long Faces, deep mining Regions, as well as high removal Speeds

Hydraulic shield extension or dust control: KAMAT high-pressure technology combines enormous performance with high levels of availability.

Mining places many increased demands on high-pressure pumps: With the increasing length of the face and the deeper mining regions with accordingly increasing mountain pressure, the forces to be introduced in the hydraulic shield extension increase enormously. Hydraulic pressures and cylinder diameters of the shields thus increase. Simultaneously, the removal speeds of the extraction machines increase, which requires a faster movement of the shields. In sum, high demands arise on the performance capability of the hydraulic stations employed.

Our high-pressure systems for mining supply the necessary volume-flow of hydraulic emulsion with the required pressure reliably with a high level of availability. We ensure this by means of several constructive measures, which are based on experience acquired over decades in mining worldwide - in particular in the USA, in Australia, in Russia and in China. Our plunger pumps were developed for different areas of application - from large hydraulic stations to dust control with spray water - with a performance up to 800 kW, as well as up to 3,500 bar in continuous operation. Pressure variations due to the length of the supply lines or due to a changing removal speed are balanced simply and reliably using the rotation speed of the pumps: With our specially-developed frequency-converter control, our plunger pumps can be driven between 10% and 100% rotation speed with fine tuning. So that this is possible, we designed our gears (among other things) with suitable lubrication for low rotation speeds.

A classical mining station is provided with three high-pressure pumps. Due to our frequency-converter control with a 90-percent bandwidth, we are able to control the whole pump system with only one frequency-controlled master pump: The two other pumps are switched in or out with full performance only as required, where the master pump controls the remaining volume flow. The enormous advantage: With our system, only one frequency converter is necessary - the capital expenditure is thus reduced extremely.

Our high-pressure pumps are likewise used in central hydraulic stations for the supply of complete mines, such as in stations near the face which supply individual faces with hydraulic fluid. A further plus is that all of our pump models can also be operated vertically, so that they can be arranged vertically and provide for space-saving.

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