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Process Pumps for Chemicals of all Type

Transporting aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold and corrosive fluids, such as ammonia

KAMAT offers powerful, high-pressure pumps which transport sensitive chemicals trouble-free in industrial processes

In the chemical industry, as well as in oil and gas extraction, chemicals of all types must be transported. We offer process pumps that are proven over the long term in these areas of application: KAMAT high-pressure pumps can pump aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold, explosive, toxic and corrosive fluids safely and trouble-free. A key advantage of our high-pressure plunger pumps is that we design and construct them in a modular system. This enables us to manufacture pumps requiring a special material, for example for aggressive fluid, in small numbers or even singly for a reasonable cost.

The performance capability of our pumps is diversified extremely widely by the selection of special materials: Thus we can offer pumps for high viscosities up to 2,000 mPas or for hot media up to 200°C. For abrasive media, we have developed special valve and seal designs, and we also have special seals available to seal and monitor enclosures for toxic or highly flammable fluids. Talk to us about your special requirements. The fulfillment of specific standards is part of our everyday life, where for example, all KAMAT high-pressure pumps are available in accordance with the ATEX directive for explosion protection.

Furthermore, our specialists for process control will be glad to support you in the integration of our high-pressure pumps into your process control. Our measurement and control specialists can help with integration into Siemens S7 and into other systems.