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Water Hydraulic Systems

Operating Hydraulic Presses and forges reliably with High-Pressure Water

Water hydraulics: Powerful drive solution for areas with fire risk or high environmental-protection requirements.

In many areas of plant and mechanical engineering, the operation of e.g. hydraulic presses and forges, as well as descaling systems, are subject to severe restrictions due to fire and explosion hazard, or due to requirements on environmental-protection. In these cases, a water hydraulic system is a secure and reliable solution which we can offer to our customers using our high-pressure technology. Based on our high-performance pumps, we develop and produce water hydraulic systems in-house.

A key technical advantage of water hydraulics for powering presses and forges is that the system consists is more dynamic and stiffer than when using oil hydraulics. This is based on the fact that oil is compressible. We use this advantage with the large performance capability and flexibility of our high-pressure pumps: Up to 800 kW power consumption, as well as up to 3,500 bar operating pressure in continuous operation, are possible. If required, our pumps rotational speed can be controlled in the range between 10% and 100% by frequency converters.

Our highly-specialized engineers developed all components for the high-pressure systems themselves, and we can also produce these completely ourselves. This includes for example high-pressure multiple-consumer valves or lubrication-free sealing systems.