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01.12.15 | Product News

New Pump Family 3G with power Input up to 90 kW

Now K8000 and K9000 in the lower power range now equipped too with balanced crankshaft in split gear case.

01.11.15 | Product News

Mobile Two Consumer Control 3500 bar - pneumatic

The integrated valves are used as multi-operation control valves for gun operation as well as control valves for hydroforming, hydraulic...

19.10.15 | Fairs and Events

WJTA Exhibition in New Orleans

At this year's Exhibition WJTA in New Orleans, which is highly specialized in ultra pressure solutions KAMAT presented together with hi american...

01.08.15 | Product News

KAMJET 27/2800

HD-Pump unit KAMJET 27/2800 mobile with diesel engine according to the latest Emission regulations stage TIER 4 final for all applicationa in various...

23.07.15 | Company News

Blog KAMAT is back in Sponsoring

J22 Blog: 27 July 2015
Room for improvement – a résumé On Saturday the J22 Worlds ended abruptly. One week of sailing run by so quickly. We finished...

04.06.15 | Company News | News

4. Representatives Meeting ... built on Tradition!

This year it was the fourth time the KAMAT distributor meeting took place in the proven two year rhythm.

01.06.15 | Product News

TWK 200/2500

KAMAT patented, pneumatically driven tank cleaning head TWK Air for 200 l/min @ 1500 bar.

01.05.15 | Product News

K 18000-3G

KAMAT expands or changes the pump family.