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Borterra prototype WS6000 with KAMAT HP Pump K18060 MC-3G and downhole drill by Wassara, © MEDATECH Engineering
05.03.21 | News | Product News

KAMAT pump part of innovative drilling system - prototype in use for dam rehabilitation in the USA

Borterra – MEDATECHS’s Drilling Division’s first Kamat pump equipped Drill Rig is on duty for dam rehabilitation in the USA.

Photo of the two new safety valves side by side, in large and small side by side, with which all KAMAT pumps up to 3,500 bar and up to 4,700 l/min can be covered.
06.11.20 | News | Product News

Product News: KAMAT presents new safety valves 

New construction project and expansion of the safety valve range of use completed

High-pressure container unit K40036A-3G-DW530B
26.08.20 | News | Product News

Fully automatic high-pressure unit with minimal energy consumption

Turnkey high-pressure container unit K40036A-3G-DW530B – available and applicable in the short-term

05.07.20 | News | Product News

New in the Portfolio: Five-Cylinder High-Pressure Plunger Pump K 120000 - 5G

KAMAT presents HD Quintuplex plunger pump with maximum performance and extremely high-volume flows.

17.06.20 | News | Product News

High-Pressure Gun KSP 1200 is now KSP 1500

KAMAT’s pump accessories – ergonomic and safe tools for surface treatment

The test can start! The surface cleaner is in the right position.
10.12.19 | News | Product News

Ready to take off!

Field-proven surface cleaner (SHC 3000) passed the functioning test run and is ready to be shipped towards China.

High_pressure Filter, Hochdruckfilter, kamat,
07.06.19 | News | Product News

Internal Training: Focus on Developments in the Accessories High-Pressure Filter and Filter Element

The current internal training of the sales team involved two KAMAT accessories: high pressure filter and filter element. 

26.09.18 | News | Company News

KAMAT participated at the SMM-Show

For the second time KAMAT participated in the SMM-show/Hamburg. Again we booked an outside area to be able to show all the benefits of our SHC 3000 in...

06.09.18 | News | Product News

New: Spring loaded and Pilot controlled Safety Valves

Upgrade and revision of the KAMAT full-lift safety valves as well as pilot controlled valves for large volume flows

19.04.18 | News | Product News

Large-Volume Order shortly before Delivery

Four units of 30ft. Sound-insulated ISO steel containers, each with a built-in double pump unit K80040A-5G - E1500B.