Proudly we consider ourselves to be a big part in securing Germany a top spot as an innovative location for all. But as of now, we don’t have to claim exactly that anymore. With this seal of approval, we have been acknowledged to be a driving force in innovation and research for high pressure technologies in Germany for 2021. This is a distinction towards our avid engagement in research.

A foundation lead survey commissioned by the ministry of education and research

The seal of approval was awarded to us by a foundation commissioned by the ministry of education and research of Germany. For many years the foundation (SV) has been carrying out surveys concerning the efforts in research and science to put a spotlight on the efforts made by the German economy. Sadly, the surveys showed a recession in research throughout the first year of the corona pandemic, resulting in a further increase of effort by the foundation, to shed a bigger light onto the effects of the pandemic on research. Compared to previous years, we saw a decrease of 6.3%.


„Innovativ durch Forschung“ – KAMAT erhält Gütesiegel für Forschungstätigkeit

Research and development always at the center of focus at KAMAT especially during the Pandemic

The effect observed by this survey however didn’t apply to us at KAMAT- during the numerous lockdowns, KAMAT focused its efforts on the ever-present topic of research and used these challenging times to dramatically increase the quality of our product portfolio. The product development saw major progress, further increasing performance and standardization. We even had time to spare to improve on our lesser-known products like the, very dear to our hearts, rotating nozzle PRD 3500 in function and design.

Background Information

The seal of approval was awarded as part of our participation in the country wide survey towards research and development. Surveyed were German companies in 2021. The foundation’s survey is a part of the official EU-Statistics and international report system, examples for similar papers being the national report of research and innovation.

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