In 2021, everything at KAMAT is about investing in the future. Factory manager Frank Lukaschik proudly presents the latest achievement at KAMAT: Another high-precision manufacturing system, almost the sister system to the system for the milling area that has been in use since plant II’s start of operation in 2013. The new and modern horizontal machining centre type NBH 800 of the quality brand Hüller Hille (machining dimensions: 1400 mm x 1100 mm x 1400 mm) has been in full use since 12 May, 2021. “We think that we are well positioned for the future and that our investment will pay off in the shortest possible time,” says Lukaschik happily.

The trend towards ever more powerful pumps necessitates investments in machinery

“We know by experience that the brand Hüller Hille stands for premium machining technology and durability. After all, Hüller Hille machines have been in use with us since 1988, at that time still manufactured in Witten”, says Lukaschik. The long-standing machining centres, type NBH 150/1, were planned at the time for pump heads of sizes up to 200 kW and since then have reliably manufactured 100% pump heads for the K4500, K9000-3G to K35000-3G series. “Technical innovations in the transmission of all sizes from 250 kW and a steadily growing customer demand for larger pump types required modernisation and expansion of our machinery with a further large milling machine. The third Hüller Hille milling machine was added in 2013,” says Lukaschik. “The demand for pump outputs of 400 kW and more increased, thus we had to act again,” says Lukaschik. “With the new sister machine, we are now even better prepared for the market, we are more flexible, have shorter production times, save time and deliver faster,” explains Lukaschik.

In the course of the technical innovations in the gearbox variants, it became increasingly difficult to produce the new split gearboxes and larger pump heads for all sizes from the 250 kW series with just one large machine. Although the pumps were only gradually changed over. “Everything from 250 kW, i.e. K25000-3G, K40000-3G, K50000-5G and K80000-5G, ran through the then new machine of the type NBH 800 until recently. The trend among our partners and customers for ever larger pumps has been for many years non-braked and was no longer recoverable,” says Lukaschik. Due to the great demand and the volume of orders, a 3-shift utilization of the existing machine was soon no longer sufficient. More and more pump heads had to be machined externally. “From a commercial point of view, the extended workbench was not only expensive, it also meant time delay. Our customers had to expect longer delivery times. Thus in order to meet the new customer requirements, we had to adapt our machinery. We came to a decision in autumn 2020. We had to invest,” says Lukaschik.

Dismounting and reassembly was a logistic challenge – thanks to employees, it flew smoothly

No sooner said than done. Offers were invited. It should be a Hüller Hille again. The benefits are obvious, even if the machine’s drive has become more modern, basically, everything has remained the same, devices are still compatible and employees can operate it directly. “The result is now three machines in operation, the know-how of the employees is still in use, and productivity is increased,” says Lukaschik. The framework conditions are very good, an investment that paid off, even if it was a logistic challenge. “Old machine out and scrapped, electricity, water connections and floor had to be adapted. Delivery, dismantling and assembly with three fitters already took three and a half weeks. That was only possible thanks to our employees from the milling area, assisted by the turnery, working in 3 shifts per week in calendar weeks 16-18,” emphasizes Lukaschik, now looking forward to future projects.