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Used Machines and Demonstrators favourably Priced

Refurbished Quality Products at Stock

KAMAT has demonstrators that are not only rented out but also sold. Also our customers renew their machine park regularly so sometimes used machines can be found here.

The demonstrators are built to the newest technological standards and can be looked at as new. As these demonstrators have only been used for very few hours they are more or less run in well.

Used machines are thoroughly checked by KAMAT and are renovated to a status that immediately allows to run them. The safety level of these renovated machines is absolutely up to date.

Used Devices for Sale


Technical Data:


Q   =    2386  l/min
p   =     325 bar
P   =     1500 kW
n   =     380 rpm  
External ratio
Drive shaft right side

Material Specification Pump:

Pump head                                              Stainless
Parts coming into contact with fluid        Stainless
Suction manifold                                      Nickel-plated steel
Plunger                                                    Ceramic

Consisting of:

  • Gear K150000-5G with oil pressure supply and oil cooler
  • Pumphead type MC
  • Conversion kit 1000 mm
  • Pneumatic pressure limiting valve
  • Mounting block
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety valve
  • Tool kit
  • Painting: RAL 6018
  • Standard operating instructions


KAMAT HD Pump Unit 4524MCH-3-E45B


Nominal capacity                                          Q  =           44 l/min
Working pressure                                          p   =           530 bar
Power input                                                   P  =           45 kW
Stroke                                                            s   =           650 mm
V-Belt drive with ratio 2,3 for                        nm =      1500 rpm
Drive shaft right side

Fluid                                                             non turbulent water
                                                                     free of gas and dissolved gas

pH value                                                          6 < pH < 8,5
Conductivity                                                    300 - 1000 µS/cm
Solids content                                                  1,5 – 3% mass
Temperature of fluid medium                           max. 50 °C 
Filtration                                                           < 250 µm
Required inlet pressure                                    min. 1,5 bar
Suction manifold pressure                               max. 8 bar


KAMAT HP Pump Unit 4524MCH-3-E45B consisting of:

  • Gearbox K4500 with splash oil lubrication for V-belt drive
  • Pump head Type "MCH"
  • Safety Valve
  • Mounting block with discharge connection M 24 x 1,5 DKO
  • Pressure gauge
  • Conversion kit 24 mm
  • Pneumatic pressure regulating valve as pressure limiting valve

Control Cabinet with all necessary Alarms

  • Automatic star delta switch kW, IP 54 with hour meter and control lamps, indicating all operating data from the motor and hp-pump, main switch, local/remote switch, remote control socket, single channel switching amplifier, emergency stop switch, fault reset switch

Electric motor

45 kW, 400/690V, 1500 Upm, 50 Hz, IP 55, B3, 4-polig nach IEC



  • V-belt drive in-between pump and motor with protective cover
  • Pneumatic pressure panel with pneumatic pressure gauge and electro - pneumatic valve for pressure regulation
  • Compressor with electric motor for internal air pressure supply
  • Stainless steel suction line with filter with flange connection and suction stabilizer type 1, zinc coated
  • Low fluid pressure alarm
  • Stationary base frame with vibration dampeners and lifting eyes
  • Painting: Pump and additional parts RAL 6018 green
  • Base frame in RAL 5003 blue

  • 1 set of KAMAT-Standard-Documentation in English language on CD

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