Thank you for visiting our stand at IFAT! At KAMAT, we are committed to developing innovative high-pressure solutions that set industry standards. Our “Made in Germany” products guarantee the highest quality and reliability. On this website you will find detailed information about our high pressure solutions.

High-Pressure Solutions for Industrial Cleaning, Wastewater Technology and Environmental Technologies

Discover the world of high-pressure technology from KAMAT

High-pressure pumps for demanding industrial applications

KAMAT offers a comprehensive range of high-pressure technology solutions for demanding industrial applications. Our robust high-pressure plunger pumps are designed for the highest quality, durability and efficiency. These pumps are used in a variety of industrial sectors, including mining, the steel industry and industrial cleaning. Their modular design makes them easy to maintain and upgrade, while their operating pressures of up to 4,000 bar, flow rates of up to 10,000 l/min per pump and resistance to poor water quality and particles up to 250 µ make them highly versatile.

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High-Pressure Pumps

Customized pump units for your requirements

We offer a range of customised pump units to meet your specific requirements. Whether you require a mobile, roadworthy high-pressure unit or a stationary pump unit, we can provide an individual high-pressure unit that is perfectly tailored to your needs. This also includes intelligent control and monitoring systems, which ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

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Discover the high-pressure jetting tools from KAMAT: Efficiency and precision for every application

At KAMAT, we focus on the highest quality and precision in the development of our water tools, which are specially designed for demanding cleaning and processing tasks. Our wide range of air-driven water tools, including rotating nozzles, surface cleaners and wall cleaners, offers the right solution for every requirement. With identical spare parts for an entire product family, we guarantee not only high efficiency, but also simplified maintenance and long-term reliability.

Jetting Tools
Manometer der Hochdruckanwendungen der KAMAT Hochdruck-Plungerpumpen und Prozesspumpen mit Hochdruckpumpen mit A-Kopf

KAMAT – Innovation in high pressure technology

Founded in 1974, KAMAT has quickly established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps and systems. As a family-owned company based in Witten, Germany, we have been developing and producing customized high-pressure solutions for over five decades. KAMAT products, known for their high quality and durability, are used worldwide in various industries. As a medium-sized company, our goal is to meet the demanding requirements of our international customers through innovative technologies and customized configurations.

We are happy to advise you individually and competently. With KAMAT, you get everything from a single source: high-pressure pumps, high-pressure systems and high-pressure water tools. We are your expert for high-pressure technology from Germany.

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High-Pressure Plunger Pumps
KAMAT Portfolio High-Pressure Plunger Pumps KAMAT High-Pressure Pumps 23 PDF Icon 3.2 MB
Performance List Plunger Pumps KAMAT Performance List PDF Icon 453.8 KB
High-Pressure Units
Mobile High-Pressure Unit KamJet with Bypass Technical Data PDF Icon 562.6 KB
KAMAT Diesel Units Technical Data PDF Icon 295.4 KB
High-Pressure Nozzles
PRD3500 LV Technical Data PDF Icon 198.7 KB
PRD3500 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 306.3 KB
Well Cleaning Nozzle self-rotating Technical Data PDF Icon 236.8 KB
Tank Cleaning Nozzle TWK200/1500 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 195.9 KB
High-Pressure Guns and Lances
KSP600 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 169.5 KB
KSP1500 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 276.9 KB
KSP3000 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 362.9 KB
DumpGun1500/3000 HP-Spray Gun Technical Data PDF Icon 293.8 KB
RotoLance Technical Data PDF Icon 311.4 KB
RotoLance Accessories/Spare Parts PDF Icon 116.0 KB
Accessories for Guns Technical Data PDF Icon 197.0 KB
High-Pressure Surface Cleaner
Surface cleaner Type Overview PDF Icon 26.8 KB
Surface Cleaner 3000 Air Technical Data PDF Icon 254.3 KB
Surface Cleaner 1000 / 1500 hydraulically driven Technical Data PDF Icon 143.4 KB
Mobile Consumer Control 3500 bar - pneumatic Technical Data PDF Icon 246.8 KB
High-Pressure Water Tools
3 High-pressure guns and lances for the global high-pressure tchnology market.
KAMAT Icon for high-pressure guns and lances
This is a picture of the KAMAT crawler Gekko for surface cleaning
KAMAT Icon for Surfache Cleaner auf der Seite Wasserwerkzeuge
Hochdruck Flächenreiniger
KAMAT Hochdruck Rohrreiniger mit grünen Rädern und aus Edelstahl
Hochdruck Rohrreiniger
KAMAT High-Pressure Gun KSP 1500, showing full view with nozzle and handle

Hochdruck Spritzpistole

KAMAT High-Pressure Dump Gun 3000, full view from handle to nozzle

Hochdruck Spritzpistole

KAMAT High-Pressure Roto-Lance with the max. of 3000 bar, showing the handle and connections

Hochdruck Spritzlanze