Welcome to the family, Wang De!

Now the time has come, the contract is in place and the collaboration can officially start and be intensified: KAMAT has a new exclusive partner in China for the high-pressure cleaning sector.Many productive discussions between KAMAT and Wang De, as well as personal meetings, both in China and in Witten, followed soon, after the first contact. Both companies are convinced that it is a suitable match. Wang De has proven in a mutual test phase that customer contacts and the family run company’s more than 25 years of experience in the high-pressure industry in China are benefits for KAMAT.

Johannes Albanus, responsible Sales Director at KAMAT for Asia, India, Near and Middle East, Oceania, Australia and Turkey, is satisfied: “I look forward to continuing the well-started collaboration. I am particularly pleased that our new partner will soon be representing us with their own stand at the 22nd China International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (Cippe) in Beijing.”

Read the interview to get to know what Wang De believes makes a partnership with KAMAT valuable and suitable for their company.

Interview with Wang De High Pressure Pump (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., China

In your opinion, what makes the match between KAMAT and Wang De suitable?

We have known the company KAMAT for many years. We appreciate KAMAT’s high-pressure technology and are convinced of a successful collaboration in China. Last, but not least, what connects us to each other is that both companies are family run businesses, i.e. specifically for day-to-day business, there are short decision-making paths on both sides; any important decisions can be discussed at short notice. A mutual getting to know and test phase preceded the now announced partnership. We were able to recognise a good and trusting partnership early on and both sides desire a long-term relationship. In the run-up to this, many discussions and intensive getting to know each other took place both with the management and with Mr Albanus, the Sales Director responsible for China. Mr. Albanus has even visited us in China.

Who is the company Wang De?

Our company’s name means growing and developing well. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, particularly in the area of ​​service and sales. On this basis, we even reformatted ourselves for the collaboration and partnership with KAMAT.

What is your company’s recipe for success?

Our advantage is obvious: We have experience in both countries, China and Germany, and are familiar with both cultures. We have experience in dealing with Chinese customers, have a large customer base and can draw on a large network. Apart from the fact that we are customer-oriented, we are also very interested in the continuous development and training of our employees.

We warmly welcome Wang De High Pressure Pump to the KAMAT family and look forward to a long and successful collaboration!