In cooperation with Scania from Sweden KAMAT has developed a technically complete new mobile high-pressure pump unit. The made in Witten container unit represents a never seen unity of a Scania industrial V8 diesel engine, the automated Traxon-gearbox by ZF and our tried and true high-pressure plunger pumps. The innovation of the high-pressure pump unit lies in the interaction and communication of all of these three outstanding components.

KAMAT pumps in the new high-pressure pump unit are now centrally and completely fully automated controlled

A central control unit steers all three components instead of the usual three separate controls. The control with three separate controls usually led to an inefficient operation at non optimal rpm. This led to a reduction in longevity of all parts of the high-pressure pump unit while also reducing the energy efficiency of the entire application.

The well tested and intelligent V8 Scania with its 450 kW of KAMAT’s supplier ScanDiesel, the ZF gearbox as well as the KAMAT pumps are now controlled by a singular fully automated control unit. All the user has to do is to enter the wanted working pressure into the main control panel. After that, the fully automated control unit recognizes which water tools are being used and adjusts all three components to work at optimal efficiency for the pressure and flow rate needed. This doesn’t just increase the longevity of any component but also reduces fuel consumption and therefore costs of running drastically.

From the outside the KAMAT unit looks like an ordinary 20-foot-long container with soundproofing on the inside but it is filled with high-tech. The compact format allows it to be transported and operated mobile, just like any ordinary container. A powerful Scania engine, an industrial engine with eight cylinders arranged in a V-shape, an automated ZF Traxon transmission and a high-performance pump work in a perfect triad here.

Pump concept with a mission – system recognizes water tools used and sets automatically operating parameters

The mission of this unique development is to change the way mobile units are operated. It is delivered key-ready and can be operated with very little knowledge needed. It reduces the chances of operator error induces inefficiencies to minimum and therefore achieves to date unseen efficiencies. “With our new system, we replicate what only experienced operators have been able to do so far, for everyone” explains KAMAT general manager Dipl. Ing. Jan Sprakel, who came up with the idea for the development, always striving for improvement.

The unit is now set up in a way that it recognizes all kind of tools without any need for manual input. Therefore, long working task with multiple different tools can be done without the time-consuming breaks needed for adjustment of the parameters. “From now on, the user only has to enter the wanted working pressure and from there on the control unit takes over and adjusts everything as needed.” Jan Sprakel summarizes the advantages of the new designed high-pressure pump unit.

Target group for the new high-pressure pump unit: industrial service providers

The design of the new high-pressure unit is mainly aimed at industrial service providers. It is not unusual to accumulate above 10 hours of runtime a day for a unit like this when it comes to industrial cleaning of tanks for example. In this environment, the sustainability of the drive plays an important role. Therefore, the new unit can drastically reduce the running cost and increase the maximum runtime of each of the components. The fuel efficiency being important in two different ways, firstly the cost of running and secondary reducing the time it takes to finish a task. Every litre and minute that a unit safes is money for the entrepreneur.