Last week a three-day sales and technical training for sales personnel took place at KAMAT. What made this workshop special: it was completely drafted for employees at our partner companies from Asia, India, Near/ Middle East and South-/ Southeast Europe. The three-day training was initiated, coordinated and organised by Johannes Albanus. He is Sales Director at KAMAT and responsible for the distributors and partners in Asia, India, Near/ Middle East and South-/ Southeast Europe. All invited sales persons followed the invitation and attended the theoretical and practical training with great interest and motivation.

There was obviously need for action in matters of sales and technical training for sales personnel of KAMAT partners

The idea for this training was born at one of Albanus’ recent journeys: “Recently I visited our distributor in Korea. There I was asked by a technical sales person of our partner company to coach him, because it was his wish to be able to respond at customer requests with more secureness and faster. He told me, that he would like to understand the benefits of our high-pressure plunger pumps and our high-pressure solutions much better. As his last training was quite a long time ago, he felt insecure about the possible application-fields of KAMAT’s plunger pumps and systems. No wonder, finally they can be used in almost all industrial areas. But explaining them all in a few minutes wouldn’t make sense”, as Albanus knows.

“His question gave me reason to think about it. How did it come that our application areas are not in the salesman repertoire? There was obviously need for action”, Albanus thought. To him motivation enough to change this promptly and not just for one salesman in Korea. “If there is a training needed and asked here in Korea then there might be a refreshing training required in the other distributor companies of my country group as well”, thus Albanus thought. No sooner said than done. Shortly after Albanus organised a refreshing sales and technical training for his country group and invited all sales personnel to participate at KAMAT in Witten. That everybody was willing to come and attend the training in Witten regardless of expenses and effort, made Albanus feel pleased and encouraged him in his plan.

Intensive sales- and technical training was attended by motivated technical sales personnel

For three days the sales personnel from Asia, India, Near/ Middle East and from Turkey got trained in theoretical knowledge concerning KAMATs products and they were made fit in theoretical and practical sales trainings by Albanus. With up-to-date material of information on the products and the applications they were asked to prepare and give a presentation, pretending they are giving it for an individual request of a customer. Afterwards they got feedback and if needed they were immediately corrected and given advice how to optimise their presentation.

According to the participants of this training one highlight of it was practical part of the training: a technical training in the factory hall, where another member of KAMAT’s staff demonstrated how the plunger pumps work. With a lot of motivation and much pleasure parts were disassembled and installed again and plenty of shoptalking took place. The group was trained technically at various pumps to get more understanding for service- and maintenance-work, so as to be able to handle service and maintenance on their own just in case and if needed by a customer.

Going back into practice well prepared with new knowledge in sales and technical issues

Thanks to Johannes Albanus as initiator, coordinator and trainer of this event, this international meeting was a great success for all – participants as well as organisers. The participants’ feedback was very positive. They did not only feel very familiar at KAMAT, but were also able to take a lot of KAMAT-knowledge with them back home. Well prepared and with great motivation they are now back at their companies. Bogdan Fatu, Managing Director at Terra Technology, one of the participating partner companies, who didn’t hesitate to send his personnel to Germany for this training, points out: “By this, we aim to provide our customer with the best technical advice and after sales service.”