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Technical Specification

Flow 11 - 232 l/min
Pressure 50 - 2100 bar
Power Input 22 - 45 kw
Weight 195 kg


  • Gear with oil-bath lubrication
  • V-belt drive
  • Also available in accordance with API 674 and/or ATEX
  • Special media, such as sea water, glycol, methanol, oils etc., on request
  • Filtration up to 350 µm


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45 kW High-Pressure Pump for small-scale Industrial-Cleaning Work

With 45 kW, the K 4500 high-pressure pump represents an entry point into the classic KAMAT modular component system. This modular construction design enables, for example, the possibility of the pump being equipped with different pump heads. In this way, different operating pressures and pumped media are possible. The media can have a viscosity of up to 2,000 mPas (millipascal second).

A further advantage: The basic design of the pumps consists of relatively few component parts. As a result of this alone, the reliability is increased. Furthermore, the pump is provided with a classic V-belt drive. It is particularly suited for small-scale industrial applications and for industrial cleaning.

Technical Data

Pump Q max. l/min p max. bar @ kW Head types
22 kW 30 kW 37 kW 45 kW
4512 11 1000 1400 1700 2100 A1 UHP
4514 15 750 1020 1260 1530 A1 UHP
4516 20 575 780 960 1170 A1 UHP
4518 25 485 665 805 940 A1 / MCH
4520 31 390 535 660 760 A1 / MCH
4522 37 330 450 555 630 A1 / MCH
4524 44 275 375 465 530 A1 / MCH
4526 52 235 320 395 450 A1 / MCH
4528 60 200 275 340 390 A1 / MCH
4530 69 175 230 285 340 A1 / M1 / MCH
4532 78 155 210 260 295 A1/ M1 / MC1
4536 99 115 155 195 235 M1 / MC1
4540 122 95 125 160 190 M1 / MC1
4545 155 75 105 125 150 MC1
4550 191 60 85 105 120 MC1
4555 232 50 70 85 100 MC1
n max. = 650 1/min V-belt drive API 674 = max.450 1/min
UHP = Ultra High Pressure
Technical data is based on 100% volumetric efficency and 20°C ambient temperature
The right to technical changes is reserved
  • 1 bar = 0,1 MPa = 14,5 PSI
  • 1 l/min = 0,2642 US-GPM
  • 1 kW = 1,36 HP
Issue: 02/2016

Dimension drawing / Available Head types

Dimension Drawing K4500 High Pressure Head A Kamat
Type A
Dimension Drawing K4500 High Pressure Head A Top Kamat
HD and Foot
Dimension Drawing K4500 Campact Head M Kamat
Type M
Dimension Drawing K4500 Low Pressure Head Mc Kamat
Type MC
Dimension Drawing K4500 Low Pressure Head Mch Kamat
Type MCH


Efficient Paint Removal

Metallic surfaces, for example of ships, painted metal roofs or painting cubicles, can be cleaned safely with KAMAT high-pressure systems. More

Rust-Removal of Ships with High-Pressure Water

An Italian partner of KAMAT achieved a rate of up to 40 square meters per hour removing in the rust from dry docks with high-pressure guns. The surface quality WJ-2 was achieved. More

Gentle Removal of Deposits in Pipes

With the special TORNADO high-pressure system from KAMAT, pipework in industry, conduits or heat exchangers, can be freed of deposits efficiently and gently. More

Save Energy: Cleaning Hulls with High Pressure

If hulls are freed from algae, mussels and other sea organisms, the energy expenditure for the ship's drive unit decreases considerably. KAMAT high-pressure systems clean gently and efficiently. More

Landing strips: Clean and secure

A special high-pressure cleaning vehicle frees runways of stubborn rubber abrasion from aircraft tires. The vehicle developed by KAMAT cleans the concrete with high pressure up to 2,500 bar. More

Targeted Removal of Concrete with High-Pressure Pump Systems

With high-pressure technology in the range between 2,000 and 3,000 bar, porous concrete can be removed without damaging the reinforcement. Also coatings are removed in this way free of residue. More

Pump Accessories

Fatigue-free Work with KAMAT High-Pressure Guns

A pivoting grip which does not generate any torque in the wrist guarantees (among other things) fatigue-free work with KAMAT high-pressure guns. More

High-efficiency Cleaning

Our externally-driven, rotating nozzles increase the area capacity considerably in case of work with high-pressure nozzles: Rotation with full utilization of the hydraulic energy for the processing. More


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Triplex Plunger Pump K 4500 Technical Data [419 KB]

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Industry Andreas Meyer
Mining Wladimir Semenkow

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