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Accessories for High-Pressure Pumps

Accessories for secure, efficient and fatigue-free Work

In the same way as our plunger pumps, we develop and produce the technical accessories for high-pressure applications ourselves.

Our experience, acquired in many thousands of applications worldwide, is the starting point for the in-house development of accessories over and again. These can be smaller parts, such as rotating nozzles, or whole systems, such as the remote-controlled Ship Hull Crawler for the cleaning of large surfaces. We develop our accessories alongside full practical testing. The result: highly functional accessories which guarantee secure, efficient and fatigue-free work. Check us out - we will convince you.

Pump Accessories

Fatigue-free Work with KAMAT High-Pressure Guns

A pivoting grip which does not generate any torque in the wrist guarantees (among other things) fatigue-free work with KAMAT high-pressure guns. More

High-efficiency cleaning nozzles for water jetting

Our externally-driven, rotating nozzles increase the area capacity considerably in case of work with high-pressure nozzles: Rotation with full utilization of the hydraulic energy for the processing.


High-Pressure Valves up to 4,000 bar

Our internally-developed, high-pressure valves ensure a constant pumping rate, even in case of maximum pressure applications with changing operating states. More

Reliable Filtration for High-Pressure Applications

KAMAT high-pressure filters are available for operating pressures up to 4,000 bar. They protect e.g. water tools, high-pressure nozzles and diesel injectors. More

High-Pressure Water jet: Moves fast and systematically

Our rotating leadthroughs enable a fast movement of the focused water jet from high-pressure tools. In this way, large-area surfaces can be processed with significantly little time outlay. More

Controllable in all Axes: Tank Washing Head Nozzle Arms

The KAMAT remote-controlled tank washing head is provided with nozzle arms which can be controlled independently of each other in all axes.  More

Clean large Steel Surfaces efficiently with Remote-Control

The Ship Hull Crawler cleans large steel surfaces on ships or tanks without scaffold construction: The combination of natural magnets, chain drive and controllable high-pressure nozzles, make this possible. More

Increasing Efficiency with Accessories for Water Jetting

Our pump accessories program offers not just the classic items, such as surface cleaners or protective clothing. You can also find efficiency-increasing accessories such as the semi-automatic TORNADO pipe cleaning device.