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High-Pressure Filters and Water-Recycling Systems

Reliable Filtration and ecology-minded Water Treatment

For the protection of sensitive parts in high-pressure cleaning systems and diesel injectors.

High-pressure cleaning technology with water has many advantages: A water jet can be used gently on the surfaces to be cleaned, water is generally available as a medium and is, at the same time, environmentally-friendly without extensive delivery outlays. Regarding accessories, high-pressure cleaning systems generate special requirements, which are difficult to meet. For this reason KAMAT has developed its own customer-specific, high-pressure, filter solutions.

KAMAT high-pressure filters are available for operating pressures up to 4,000 bar. The task of the filter is the protection of both the sensitive high-pressure component parts, and the material to be processed. The water may contain hard particle contamination, for example in recycled water or in industrial water. This hard particle contamination could impair the water tools, such as high-pressure nozzles, in the long run. High-pressure filters are additionally used in order to protect fuel injectors, for instance in large diesel engines.

KAMAT offers water-recycling systems and cleaning technology which match the high-pressure filters. They provide for an environmentally-friendly recycling of the water jet in cleaning applications.


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High Pressure Filter 1500/2000 bar Technical Data [448 KB]